Chapter 2

Entering the Blogosphere

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing what you're getting into

arrow Realizing what happens when you publish

arrow Blogging with standards

arrow Keeping your job while blogging

arrow Staying out of hot water with Mom

arrow Protecting your identity online

If you put something on a public blog, anyone can read it. Blogs, like all public websites, are accessible anywhere in the world at any time, and anyone with access to the Internet can read it. (Many blog platforms do allow privacy settings or password protection; if you use these options, you have more assurance of privacy.)

And, as with all public websites, people can print, duplicate, and fax blog posts, tape them to lampposts, distribute them to a class, or post them on social networking websites such as Facebook. A reader of your blog can even copy and paste the text of your blog posts into a text editor or e-mail message, sending that ...

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