Chapter 15

Leveraging Community with Forums

In This Chapter

arrow Differentiating between comments and forums

arrow Deciding whether to use free or paid forum software

arrow Finding the features you want

arrow Installing forum software

arrow Establishing community guidelines

Imagine your blogging career five years in the future. Your blog has thousands of visitors every single day. Comments are being left on your blog posts by the hundreds every hour. A blogging career couldn't get any better, could it? You've reached the big time! People love you!

But wait! You also have a problem: You can't keep up with the conversation, and now that you think about it, a lot of your contributors are talking to each other. Although you love reading what they have to say, these conversations aren't really directed at you anymore. One possible solution to this awesome dilemma is to add a forum to your blog. On the Internet, a forum — which might also be called a message board or bulletin board — is software that permits date-sorted ...

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