Chapter 6

Creating a Squarespace Blog


Bullet Setting up your Squarespace account

Bullet Creating content on Squarespace

Bullet Customizing your Squarespace blog

In a blogging world that in the beginning was dominated by Blogger and WordPress, Squarespace ( has made a splash as another viable blogging platform option. Squarespace blogs come with many of the features that bloggers on other platforms are required to add with special themes or additional plug-ins. For example, your Squarespace account provides you with website analytics (see Chapter 19 to learn more about blog analytics), social media integration, and automatically mobile-ready designs.

If you would like to customize the look of your blog by editing the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which are your blog template's style sheets, you can do that with Squarespace. If you just want to select a blog template and get right to blogging, you can do that with Squarespace. And because Squarespace allows bloggers to try its platform for free for 14 days, there's no real danger in giving this platform a try if you read through this chapter and feel that it might be right for you.

Creating a Squarespace Account ...

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