Chapter 7

Taking It From the Torso

In This Chapter

arrow Recognising how your body speaks for you

arrow Finding ways to change your attitude

arrow Exploring the effects of posture

The stance you adopt and the way you position your body reveals how you feel about yourself and others. Slumping into your hips, drooping your shoulders, and letting your stomach hang out isn’t a particularly pleasing picture and reflects a poor self image. The person who approaches you with head held high, an open chest, and a firm stride is the one who gains your attention.

In this chapter you find out how to get your muscles working with your attitude, to show the world just who you are.

Gaining Insights into the Impact of Posture

How you use and abuse your body determines how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. Jobs are won and lost, reputations made and destroyed, relationships dissolved and cemented based on how the people involved present themselves.

Walk down the high street on a busy day and observe people passing by. Watch for those who appear to feel good about themselves. You notice that they move with ease. Their gestures are open and welcoming, with shoulders back and heads held high.

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