Chapter 14

Interviewing, Influencing, and Playing Politics

In This Chapter

arrow Creating the right initial impression

arrow Conveying positivity and confidence

arrow Weighing up your best position

arrow Discovering effective negotiating behaviour

How you perceive and project yourself determines how people perceive and receive you. If you want to be seen as positive, powerful, and influential at work, you have to act the part. Your gestures, actions, and expressions need to celebrate and reflect your strengths and abilities. Based on what you reveal in the way you appear and move, people want to know more – or close the door on you.

From the moment you enter the work environment to your last day on the job, you’re being watched. Make sure that the way you’re moving, gesturing and behaving projects the image you want. The higher up the hierarchy you go, the more focused your actions and the more contained your gestures need to be, in order to project the expected authority. You never see chief executives running down the hall or senior partners flapping their hands. You never see prime ministers and presidents ...

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