Book of Sides II: Original, Two-Page Scenes for Actors and Directors

Book description

Book of Sides II: Original, Two-Page Scenes for Actors and Directors is the second book in the Book of Sides series by Dave Kost, featuring original, two-page, two-character scenes for use in acting, directing, and auditioning classes. While shorter than the traditional three-to-six-page scenes commonly used in classes, Book of Sides II features longer scenes than the first Book of Sides with greater character development, more reversals, and stronger climaxes.

  • Balanced, structured scenes designed specifically for educational use challenge both actors and directors equally with objectives, obstacles, tactics, and subtext;
  • Two-page length is ideal for high-intensity exercises and faster-paced workshops;
  • Printed in easy-to-read film-script format with plenty of room for notes;
  • Scenes are completely original and unencumbered by copyright, so students may film and post legally on the internet;
  • Universally castable, so all roles can be played by actors of any gender, appearance, skill level, or ethnicity;
  • Accessibly-written for modern students, helping them to focus on the fundamentals of performance and directing;
  • Simple and conducive to performing in a classroom without sets, costumes, or special props.

This book was written by an educator for educators and designed for use in the classroom. Never search for scenes again!

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Foreword
  8. Introduction
  9. Scenes
    1. Are We on Drugs?
    2. Are You Buzzed?
    3. Are You Shot?
    4. Are You Stealing?
    5. Aren’t We Broken Up?
    6. Bam!
    7. Be Real
    8. Beats Digging Ditches
    9. Coming Out
    10. Crazy Like Van Gogh
    11. A Date or Something
    12. Dating Is Weird
    13. Different Scenes
    14. Do You Have Any Money?
    15. Domestic Violence
    16. Don’t Be Sick in Here
    17. Don’t Be Stupid
    18. Don’t Talk Like That
    19. Fast Learner
    20. A Friend Zone Thing
    21. Get Tested
    22. Get Up
    23. Gimme the Remote
    24. God
    25. Great Seeing You
    26. The Hand You’re Dealt
    27. Haunted
    28. He’s Our Responsibility
    29. High Standards
    30. Hypochondriac
    31. I Can’t Read
    32. I Can’t Win
    33. I Feel Terrible
    34. I Just Want a Raise
    35. I Want to Help People
    36. I Was a Bully
    37. I’m Trying to Apologize Here
    38. In a Scene
    39. Introduce Me
    40. Is That Ashley?
    41. Is This an Intervention?
    42. It Happened to Me
    43. It Must Be Good
    44. It Sucked
    45. It’s Grief
    46. It’s Not Rational
    47. It’s Not Terrible
    48. The Keys
    49. Leaders Don’t Cry
    50. Left Alone
    51. Let Me See Your Phone
    52. Let’s Get a Picture
    53. Let’s Just Say Goodbye
    54. Move On
    55. My Place
    56. A New York Minute
    57. No Regrets
    58. None of My Business
    59. None of Your Business
    60. Not in Real Life
    61. Not the Telepathy
    62. One, Two, Three
    63. Our Problems
    64. Partners
    65. Placeholder
    66. Real Addiction Problems
    67. Rich–Poor Stuff
    68. Ring Food
    69. Run for It
    70. Some Kind of Scam
    71. Somebody’s Been Talking
    72. Somebody’s Getting Unfriended
    73. Something Permanent
    74. Stars and Skulls
    75. Still Family
    76. Take It Easy
    77. That’s My Bag
    78. There Have Been Some Complaints
    79. There’s a Reason People Relapse
    80. These Aren’t Zombies
    81. They Raised the Rent
    82. They’re Getting a Divorce
    83. This Is It
    84. This Isn’t Fun Anymore
    85. Those Feelings
    86. Too Many Detective Novels
    87. Two Weeks
    88. Unrequited Love Is a Thing
    89. We’re Not Lost
    90. What the Heart Wants
    91. Where Are We At?
    92. Where Were You?
    93. Why Aren’t You Sleeping?
    94. You Can’t Fire Me
    95. You Feel Okay?
    96. You Like Everything
    97. You Never Told Me
    98. You People
    99. You Should Exercise More
    100. You’re a Snob
  10. About The Author

Product information

  • Title: Book of Sides II: Original, Two-Page Scenes for Actors and Directors
  • Author(s): Dave Kost
  • Release date: July 2017
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781315412559