Chapter 7

Recording Expenses and Supplier Payments

In This Chapter

arrow.png Struggling for breath underneath a pile of receipts

arrow.png Choosing a method to suit your madness — systems for start-ups

arrow.png Doing the books for a small business

arrow.png Making everything connect for a larger business

arrow.png Finding a home for every transaction

arrow.png Guarding that petty cash tin with fire in the belly and a glint in the eye

Your role as a bookkeeper varies enormously depending on whether you’re doing the books for a business that’s just getting started, or whether you’re working for a larger business with many employees and lots of suppliers.

Part of being a good bookkeeper is being able to judge what system works best in each situation. I’m not talking about software choices here — rather, I’m referring to the way you organise information and record transactions. Do you want to keep things simple and just record transactions when ...

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