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Bootstrap 4 Projects

Video Description

Learn how to build responsive web and mobile web applications utilizing the core features of Bootstrap 4

About This Video

  • Craft refined and complex web applications that adapt to various user and browser requirements

  • Take the journey with clear step-by-step instructions to build out your very own web applications

  • A hands-on tutorial with in-depth information and tips on the intricacies of web development with Bootstrap 4

  • In Detail

    Quite often when building various web applications, you will face the need to build out beautiful and mobile responsive websites in a small time frame. Bootstrap 4 helps alleviate the pain by defining sophisticated and refined user inputs and web components ready for your use. Learn how to quickly get your projects up to speed with the world’s most popular front-end framework.

    Through this course, we will take you through not only Bootstrap 4's new features and changes, but create larger projects with these components and frameworks. These projects include building out the structure and design of a social media platform, comprehensive login and registration forms, and finally a music library application. Each project will provide you with a chance to use some of the new Bootstrap 4 components in the greater context of the Bootstrap framework.

    Having completed this course, you will have sufficient knowledge on how to build out application user interfaces that are mobile-responsive, accessible, and importantly look good, all with the help of Bootstrap 4.