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Bootstrap 4 Recipes

Video Description

Develop elegant and responsive web applications with Bootstrap 4

About This Video

  • Create stunning UIs using Bootstrap's responsive CSS classes and objects
  • Packed with easy-to-follow steps for building responsive web pages with Bootstrap 4 that can be applied to a web project of your choice
  • A comprehensive tutorial that will get you familiar with the latest features of Bootstrap 4

In Detail

In this course, we take a journey from the basic concept of Bootstrap and find ways to take it further, all the while keeping in mind the best practices of modern web design. Bootstrap, one of the most complete frameworks, is perfectly built to design elegant, powerful, and responsive interfaces for professional-level web pages. It supports responsive design by dynamically adjusting your web page layout.

This video course will take you through an enticing journey, all the way from the basic concepts of Bootstrap to creating stunning UIs, and will keep you up-to-date with the best practices of modern web design. You will discover the responsive revolution and how to use all the latest features of Bootstrap to build compelling UIs and useful web pages. You will then learn where the web heading is and how you can stay on top of the mobile trend to layout and customize your Bootstrap 4 web design. Towards the end of the video course, you will delve into Bootstrap 4 components and tweak these advanced controls to create stunning web designs for your bigger projects.