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Border Security: Opportunities and Pitfalls

Book Description

 As fiscal austerity descends on Washington, one major exception looms – border control.  While government pumps up its buildup and support of border security, it’s an area rife with opportunities for companies that handle technology, logistics and construction. And as high-profile incidents such as outbreaks of violence in areas of Mexico and child migrants flooding into the Southwest have ratcheted up the pressure to spend, many contractors, shippers and other private sector actors will be looking to make the most of those opportunities. CQ Roll Call, a trusted source of political reporting and analysis since 1945, offers some critical intelligence on the issues that those who want a piece of the pie, or readers who simply want to understand the terrain, should know.

About the authors:

Rob Margetta joined CQ Roll Call in 2007 and has covered an evolving landscape of homeland security and intelligence issues facing Congress and the country. Prior to coming to Washington, he was a crime reporter in Massachusetts and a local reporter for the Providence Journal. He has a BA from The College of William and Mary and an MSL from Georgetown Law.

Jennifer Scholtes writes CQ's Morning Briefing, a daily preview of congressional action. She also covers homeland security for CQ Roll Call, with a focus on funding for the Homeland Security Department, as well as on emergency management, border security and domestic terrorism. Before starting at CQ in 2007, she was chief copy editor for the Paradise Post in northern California and a reporter with MediaNews Group newspapers in that region. Jen is a graduate of Chico State's journalism school and grew up in that Northern Valley college town. ‬