Brand for Talent: Eight Essentials to Make Your Talent as Famous as Your Brand

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Praise for Brand for Talent

"As a marketer, nothing is more important than building a strong, relevant brand. As a leader, nothing is more important than creating an energized, talented group of employees. Brand for Talent provides a compelling framework and great practical tips. It will change the way you think about your people strategy."

—Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America

"Brand for Talent is your wake up call to the realities of today's hiring marketplace. Branding baristas Mark Schumann and Libby Sartain welcome you with a steaming mug of half philosophy and half pragmatism topped with real-world examples. Get Brand for Talent, get amped and get going!"

—Brad Whitworth, ABC, Cisco, IABC Fellow, IABC Past Chairman

"In this compelling and incisive book, Mark Schumann and Libby Sartain bring branding into the realm of human resource management."

—Hayagreeva Rao, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

"This is a fascinating book. Using the power of a consumer brand as a lever to retain talent is a given. What hasn't been done until this book is to put the brand to work in order to attract the best. Who would have thought that social networking would become the new battleground in the hunt? This is one human resources book I actually enjoyed reading."

—Lou Williams ABC, APR, L.C. Williams & Associates, IABC Fellow, IABC Past Chairman, Institute for Public Relations Fellow

"Mark Schumann and Libby Sartain bring unique experiences and examples that show how to go beyond simple recruiting to create a sustainable talent system for good times and tough times."

—Dr. John Boudreau, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Introduction
    1. Five Changes in Talent
    2. About This Book
  5. Part One - GET REAL
    1. Chapter 1 - ESSENTIAL ONE: WAKE UP
      1. Wake Up Number 1: Habits
      2. Wake Up Number 2: Expectations
      3. Wake Up Number 3: Career
      4. Wake Up Number 4: Engagement
      5. Wake Up Number 5: Connection
      6. Wake Up Number 6: Authenticity
      7. Getting to Work
      8. Key Lessons: Chapter One
    2. Chapter 2 - ESSENTIAL TWO: LOOK AHEAD
      1. Look in the Rear View Mirror
      2. Sensibilities
      3. Challenges
      4. Lessons
      5. Opportunities
      6. Look at the Future
      7. Future Issue 1: Work
      8. Future Issue 2: Pipeline
      9. Future Issue 3: Brand
      10. Future Issue 4: Cyberspace
      11. Future Issue 5: Human Resources
      12. Getting to Work
      13. Key Lessons: Chapter Two
  6. Part Two - GET TO WORK
    1. Chapter 3 - ESSENTIAL THREE: CREATE
      1. From Employer to Talent Brand
      2. Brand for Talent
      3. Step 1: Identify a Talent Strategy
      4. Step 2: Fill the Talent Pipeline
      5. Step 3: Create a Talent Brand
      6. Step 4: Apply the Talent Brand
      7. Result 1: Magnet for Talent
      8. Result 2: A Clear Company Story
      9. Result 3: A Differentiated Brand
      10. Result 4: Reasons to Engage
      11. Result 5: A Call to Action
      12. Result 6: A Lasting Commitment
      13. Getting to Work
      14. Key Lessons: Chapter Three
    2. Chapter 4 - ESSENTIAL FOUR: SEGMENT
      1. Segmented Marketing
      2. How to Segment Talent
      3. Step 1: Assign Priorities
      4. Step 2: Evaluate Demand
      5. Step 3: Compare to Competition
      6. Step 4: Assess Brand Intensity
      7. Step 5: Assign Brand Pressure
      8. Step 6: Prepare to Market
      9. Getting to Work
      10. Key Lessons: Chapter Four
      1. Talent Brand Hurdles
      2. Getting to Work
      3. Key Lessons: Chapter Five
  7. Part Three - GET PREPARED
    1. Chapter 6 - ESSENTIAL SIX: SUSTAIN
      1. Culture and Brand
      2. Leadership Influence
      3. Leadership Messaging
      4. Leadership Behaviors
      5. Leadership Competencies
      6. Leadership Actions
      7. Worker Experience
      8. Cultural Influences
      9. Getting to Work
      10. Key Lessons: Chapter Six
      1. Social Media
      2. Survival Tip 1: Communication and Collaboration
      3. Survival Tip 2: Global Community
      4. Survival Tip 3: Unchecked Sources
      5. Survival Tip 4: Rumors
      6. Survival Tip 5: False Security
      7. How to Develop a Social Media Strategy
      8. Getting to Work
      9. Key Lessons: Chapter Seven
  8. Part Four - WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU
      1. 1. The New Marketplace for Talent Will Have a Clear Understanding of Why ...
      2. 2. You Will Become a Magnet for Talent
      3. 3. You Will Increase the Number of People Who Want to Work for You
      4. 4. You Will Target the Segments of the Talent Marketplace
      5. 5. Your Sourcing Strategy Will Look More Like a Consumer Marketing Strategy
      6. 6. You Will Be Able to Filter Your Candidates to Meet Your Desired Profiles
      7. 7. You Will Streamline Your Talent Acquisition Programs and Processes
      8. 8. Your Recruiters Will Finally Move Beyond the Order-Filler Role
      9. 9. You Will Give Your Internal Communications New Purpose
      10. 10. You Will Give Your Leadership a New Voice
      11. 11. You Can Redefine Your Relationship with Your Workers
      12. 12. You Can Establish a Talent Brand Legacy at Your Organization
      13. Lessons We Have Learned
      14. Final Thoughts
  9. Notes
  10. Acknowledgements
  11. Index
  12. About the Authors

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  • Title: Brand for Talent: Eight Essentials to Make Your Talent as Famous as Your Brand
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2009
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9780470182680