Chapter 4

Powering Up Your Personal and One-Person Business Brands

In This Chapter

arrow Tilting the odds for success in your favor by developing a personal brand

arrow Getting an off-target personal brand image back on track

arrow Winning business and revenue by branding your one-person business

Developing brands for yourself and your services involves all the steps listed in Chapter 2 and described in every chapter that follows. But personal and one-person business brands get their own chapter in this edition of Branding For Dummies for two reasons. First, they’re the brands that most people tend to put off, and that’s a big mistake we want you to avoid. And secondly, with more people than ever checking you out online and within their business and social circles before ever meeting you or considering your offerings, a well-projected brand has never had a bigger impact on personal success. Just look at the numbers:

  • Google handles more than a billion name searches daily.
  • Nine of ten job recruiters use social networks to find candidates, and three of four check search results and social-media profiles when making hiring decisions.
  • Ninety percent of Internet users say online reviews impact their ...

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