Chapter 8

Designing Your Logo and Tagline

In This Chapter

arrow Deciding what kind of logo you want for your brand

arrow Developing and testing your logo design

arrow Using, managing, and protecting your logo

arrow Knowing when, why, and how to create a tagline or slogan

Logo design is the point at which the branding process acquires fanfare. The minute people in your organization see your brand emerge in a logo that embodies your name, they get enthusiastic about what may have previously felt like a whole bunch of navel-gazing. To most people, logo creation is the fun part of branding. It’s also the part that unduly gets the most attention.

warning.eps If you opened straight to this chapter with the hope that you could give your brand a face without first wading through the process of researching, positioning, defining your brand identity and protecting a brand name, realize that branding isn’t like a game of Monopoly. You can’t just jump to “Go.” The only way you end up with a logo that accurately reflects the essence ...

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