Note. The f and t following page numbers refers to figures and tables, respectively.


accounting information, 128

activity and cost data, high-low method, 55t

algebraic format of PowerRoll data, 97t

annuity table, 141


Barnett, R. A., 108

Bell, A. L., 19


cost of goods sold (COGS) method, 25–27

product mix, 43–44

breakeven analysis

about, 1

and business situations, 2–3

and cost of capital, 95

defined, 119

genealogy, 131–34

starting business and, 135–39

traditional formula, 2

See also modified breakeven analysis

breakeven income statement, 12t

breakeven points at different price levels, 36t

Brealey, R. A., 95

Bulletin of the Taylor Society, 132

business model, 119–21, 120f

business situations, breakeven analysis and, 2–3


calculating ...

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