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Breaking Through

Book Description

When women succeed, we all win.

Breaking Through explores the mentoring relationship, and unravels its effects on women, businesses, society, and the economy. In 2010, author Martine Liautaud founded the Women Business Mentoring Initiative (WBMI) to support women entrepreneurs with the targeted advice and personalized guidance that can only come from a mentor. In late 2015, she set up the Women Initiative Foundation to broaden her action in favor of women in the business world. This book encapsulates the WBMI mission and other similar experiences inside international and US corporations, showing how mentoring and sponsorship can take many forms—and how each form benefits women in business. Through evidence-based narratives, you'll learn what real women have gained from both sides of the dynamic, and why they credit mentoring with the strength of their business success. These stories show how mentoring yields increased efficiency, improved financials, more effective management, increased innovation, a broader talent pool, and increased revenues, and how helping women succeed in business leads to increased philanthropy and improves community sustainability.

Gender equality has made huge strides in the US and Western Europe, but this progress is only apparent in the junior levels of the workplace. This book shows how mentoring women entrepreneurs and women managers provides the key that opens the door to the new economy.

  • Understand why mentoring is key to women's economic advancement
  • Learn how mentoring yields tangible benefits beyond the workplace
  • Delve into the experiences of real mentor/mentee pairs
  • Consider the effectiveness of various types of mentoring

Despite the increasing opportunities for women in business, statistics and pervading stereotypes suggest that true gender equality is still far on the horizon. Mentoring and sponsorship can be tremendously helpful to women looking to achieve great things—the wisdom of experience is a powerful asset in business strategy and decision-making, and the mentor/mentee relationship benefits everyone. Breaking Through makes a compelling case for the effectiveness of mentoring, with real women's stories of success.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright
  3. Foreword
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Preface
  6. Part I: Overview
    1. Chapter 1: Women and the New Economy
      1. The New Economy: Opportunities for Women
      2. Women in Corporates and Finance
      3. Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
      4. Women Entrepreneurs
    2. Chapter 2: Mentoring and Sponsoring: The Keys to Success
      1. Mentoring and Sponsoring Women Employees
      2. Mentoring and Sponsoring Women Entrepreneurs
  7. Part II: Voices of Women Business Leaders
    1. Chapter 3: Obstacles to Success and Solutions for Overcoming Them
      1. The Obstacles
      2. The Solutions
    2. Chapter 4: Role of Women in the Global Economy
      1. Interview with Irene Natividad, Founder and President of Global Summit of Women
    3. Chapter 5: Career Strategies for Women
      1. Interview with Professor Margaret Neale, Adams Distinguished Professor of Management at Stanford Graduate School of Business
      2. References
    4. Chapter 6: Inclusive Leadership
      1. Interview with Deborah Gillis, President and CEO of Catalyst
    5. Chapter 7: Improving the Place of Women in the Economy
      1. Interview with Audra Bohannon, Senior Partner at Korn Ferry's Leadership and Talent Consulting
    6. Chapter 8: Overcoming Women's Obstacles
      1. Interview with Christiane Bergevin, Executive Vice President at Desjardins Group
    7. Chapter 9: Women's Spirit of Enterprise
      1. Interview with Valérie Bernis, Executive Vice President at ENGIE, in Charge of Communications, Marketing, and Environmental and Societal Responsibility
  8. Part III: Designing Mentoring and Sponsoring Programs
    1. Chapter 10: “Mentoring by ENGIE”
      1. Interview with Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman of ENGIE
      2. “Mentoring by ENGIE,” A Structured Program to Train Women as Leaders
    2. Chapter 11: Oracle Women Leadership (OWL) Mentoring Program
      1. Interview with Leopoldo Boado, Chairman of Oracle Spain
      2. Oracle's Mentoring Program and Intercompany Experience
    3. Chapter 12: VivaWomen! Program
      1. Interview with Maurice Levy, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Publicis Groupe
      2. At Publicis Groupe, the Main Aim of Mentoring Is to Retain Talented Staff
    4. Chapter 13: MixCity and Women's Leadership Initiative
      1. Interview with Marie-Claire Capobianco, Head of BNP Paribas French Retail Banking
      2. BNP Paribas as a Proactive Supporter of Women in Business: A Mentoring Program
    5. Chapter 14: Women's Initiative Network and Reverse Mentoring Program
      1. Interview with Karen Peetz, President of BNY Mellon
      2. Interview with Jean Wynn, Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer of BNY Mellon's Office of the President
  9. Part IV: Mentoring Program Success Stories
    1. Chapter 15: BNP Paribas Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB)
      1. Interview with Tabitha Coombe (Mentee)
      2. Interview with François Freyeisen (Mentor)
      3. Interview with Marguerite Burghardt (Mentee)
      4. Interview with Constance Chalchat (Mentor)
    2. Chapter 16: ENGIE
      1. Interview with Mathias Curnier (Mentor)
      2. Interview with Paola Vezzaro (Mentee)
    3. Chapter 17: Oracle
      1. Interview with Nicoleta Apostol (Mentee)
      2. Interview with Giovanna Sangiorgi (Mentor)
      3. Interview with Paula Craythorne (Mentee)
    4. Chapter 18: Publicis Groupe
      1. Interview with Michele Gilbert (Mentor)
      2. Interview with Charlotte Guillabert (Mentee)
    5. Chapter 19: BNY Mellon
      1. Interview with Regina Meredith-Carpeni
      2. Interview with Yoon Park (Reverse Mentor)
      3. Interview with Jeff Kuhn (Reverse Mentee)
  10. Part V: Ways to Help Entrepreneurs to Succeed
    1. Chapter 20: Mentoring and Sponsoring Programs
      1. Mentoring Women Entrepreneurs
      2. Interview with Emilie Creuzieux, Founder of Monbento (Mentee)
      3. Interview with Jean-Jacques Berard, Co-Founder of Executive Interim Management (Mentor)
      4. Interview with Muriele Roos, Founder of Femme Majuscule (Mentee)
      5. Interview with Eve Magnant, VP at Publicis (Mentor)
      6. Interview with Jane Chen, Co-Founder of Embrace
      7. Interview with Abigail Holsborough, Founder of RouteMap
      8. Interview with Clara Shih, Founder of Hearsay Social
    2. Chapter 21: Networking
      1. Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network
      2. Interview with Stéphanie Cardot, Founder and CEO of TO DO TODAY
      3. ASTIA: A Different Kind of Network Performing in a Different Kind of Way
      4. The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Initiative
    3. Chapter 22: Training
      1. Women Entrepreneur Program at Stanford
  11. Index
  12. End User License Agreement