Chapter 11Oracle Women Leadership (OWL) Mentoring Program

Interview with Leopoldo Boado, Chairman of Oracle Spain

Why has Oracle Spain implemented a mentoring program?

At Oracle, we foster an inclusive and innovative environment that leverages the gender, diversity, backgrounds, and perspectives of our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners to drive a global competitive advantage. And to be successful, we also need to develop, engage, and empower current and future Oracle generations based on integrity and equity.

Mentoring allows us to develop our internal talent and learn to think in a different way, outside of our comfort zone. It is a powerful talent management tool that helps to develop our people.

Our mentees are Top Talents (men and especially women) with potential but with developmental needs; this program enables them to accelerate their professional growth and also enables the mentors to continuously develop their leadership skills. There is a very special focus on women to help them to solve any social or career barriers to develop their potential.

We have different initiatives, like some mentoring programs under the Spanish Equity projects (especially OWL), or the Cross Company Mentoring, which is a program that introduces a new way to share the company's best practices. It is an initiative that aligns equitable treatment and talent development, combining internal and external requirements.

What can we learn from this program, and what are the outcomes? ...

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