Chapter 1 Thinking small and under-marketing

Most business owners, at some point in their entrepreneurial lives, get stuck. This has two dimensions: swamped and stalled. Let's look at each.

When we are swamped we feel overwhelmed. There are too many demands on our time from too many sources. We have all these great ideas but we never seem to get the time to close them out. We end the day with the distinct sense that we have made no progress towards our vision, let alone a sense of a day well spent. We're drowning.

The good news is that we put ourselves there, and we can get ourselves out. In this chapter, I'm going to talk about some of the causes of feeling swamped, and in later chapters you'll learn how to drag yourself out of the swamp.

The other part of getting stuck is feeling stalled. This is when we reach a plateau in our business, we've achieved a good deal, but we have no idea what's next. Actually, that's not quite right: we know there is another level, but we can't see it from where we stand.

Sitting below both of these sticking points is one or more of the mistakes I'm about to describe. And if we can understand the mistake, we can begin to understand possible solutions.

Thinking small

There are many owners whose aspiration is determined by what they believe they are capable of right now. It's not that they don't want more; it's just that they haven't really thought of what they really want in the future. Underlying that lack of thought is a mental framework. It's ...

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