Breakthrough Windows Vista™: Find Your Favorite Features and Discover the Possibilities

Book description

Learn how to use the Microsoft Windows Vista features that interest you most with this full-color guide that gives you the straight scoop. You can jump right in to any topic that interests you—and discover the possibilities of what you can do with Windows Vista!

Table of contents

  1. Breakthrough Windows Vista™: Find Your Favorite Features and Discover the Possibilities
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    2. Acknowledgments
    3. Introduction
      1. What’s in Store
      2. Special Elements in the Book
      3. Getting Ready
      4. Support
    4. I. Getting Started
      1. 1. Take a Quick Tour
        1. A Big Welcome from the Welcome Center
          1. Navigate the Welcome Center
          2. Add a New User
          3. Connect to the Internet
          4. Register Windows Online
          5. Download and Install Windows Live Messenger
        2. The Start Menu and Instant Search
          1. Perform an Instant Search
          2. Search the Internet
        3. Personalization Features
          1. Change the Desktop Background
          2. Apply a Screen Saver
          3. Optimize the Display
        4. The Sidebar and Gadgets
          1. Turn On the Sidebar
          2. Configure Sidebar Properties
          3. Add, Remove, and Configure Gadgets
      2. 2. Set Up Windows Vista, and Create an Organizational System
        1. Transfer Data with Windows Easy Transfer
          1. Clean Up the Old Computer
          2. Start Windows Easy Transfer on the New Computer
          3. Continue Windows Easy Transfer on the Old Computer
          4. Locate Transferred Data
        2. Use the Windows Vista Folder and File System
          1. Get the Most from the Built-In System for Saving Data
          2. Create Your Own Folders and Subfolders
          3. Move Data to Subfolders
        3. New Search Features
          1. Locate a File with Search
          2. Perform an Advanced Search
          3. Save a Search Folder
    5. II. Pictures
      1. 3. Construct an Amazing Photo Library
        1. Scan Old Photos (or Pay to Have Them Scanned)
          1. Decide What Pictures to Scan
          2. Choose the Right Scanner
          3. Scan Your Pictures
          4. Save the Scans in an Organizational Wonderland
        2. Create a Good System for Transferring Pictures from Your Digital Camera
          1. Use Windows Photo Gallery to Initiate the First Transfer
        3. Organize with Windows Photo Gallery
          1. Group and View Images
          2. Incorporate Metadata
        4. Create and Save Search Folders
      2. 4. Share Your Photos
        1. E-Mail Your Pictures
        2. Burn Pictures to a CD
          1. Using the Windows Vista Built-In CD-Burning Feature
          2. Burn a CD by Using Windows Photo Gallery
        3. Create a DVD of Pictures and Watch It on a TV
          1. Add Pictures to a Blank DVD
          2. Set Options
          3. Configure Menu Options
          4. Access the Customize Menu
          5. Change Slide Show Settings
          6. Select a Style and Burn the DVD
        4. Get Your Photos Printed from an Online Photo Store
          1. Set Your Options
          2. Walk-Through: Purchase a Photo Print Online
      3. 5. Get Creative with Photos
        1. Create a Photo Journal/Diary
          1. Take Pictures of Everyday Events
          2. Create a Journal Folder and Add Pictures
          3. Use Windows Photo Gallery and Add Comments to Pictures
        2. Create a Screen-Saver Slide Show
        3. Create a Web Photo Blog
          1. Create Your Windows Live Space
          2. Put Your Favorite Pictures on Your Space
          3. Create a Blog
    6. III. Music
      1. 6. Create the Ultimate Music Library
        1. Rip CDs to Your Media Library
          1. Configure Media Player 11 for Optimal Ripping
          2. Rip CDs
        2. Change Default Settings for Additional Privacy
        3. Fix Songs to Suit Your Preferences
          1. Change the Speed of a Song
          2. Edit Anything
          3. Add Pictures, Lyrics, and Comments
        4. Create Playlists
          1. Create a Static Playlist for an Event
          2. Create an Autoplaylist of Your Favorite Songs
        5. Optimize the Listening Experience
        6. Group Music in Various Ways
          1. Stacking
          2. WordWheel
      2. 7. Experience More Music
        1. Subscribe to Online Media
          1. Understand What URGE Is
          2. Subscribe
          3. Download Media
        2. Burn CDs for Your Car or Home
          1. Employ Cross-Fading and Autovolume Leveling
          2. Burn an Audio CD
        3. Select and Sync Mobile Devices
          1. Connect a Mobile Device
          2. Understand PlaysForSure
          3. Sync a Mobile Device
          4. Connect an Xbox (or Other Digital Media Player) to a Home Network
          5. Turn On Media Sharing
          6. Play Shared Media
        4. Get the Most from Your High-End Speakers
    7. IV. Video
      1. 8. Fine-Tune Your Video Library
        1. Get an Overview of Windows Movie Maker
        2. Create Your Video Library
        3. Find Videos in Your Media Player Library
        4. Understand Video Formats
        5. Import Existing Videos
          1. Import a Video from a File
          2. Import a Video from a CD or DVD
        6. Send and Receive E-Mail with Video Attachments
          1. Open and Save a Video or Other Media E-Mail Attachment
      2. 9. Import Video and Make a Quick Movie
        1. Connect the Camera
          1. Verify Windows Update Is Set to Notify You of Driver Updates
          2. Connect a Camera by Using an IEEE 1394 or USB Connection
        2. Perform the Import
          1. Import Live Video from a DV Camera
          2. Import All of a Taped Video from a DV Camera
          3. Import a Portion of a Taped Video from a DV Camera
        3. Make a Movie with Movie Maker
          1. Browse in Online Stores for Content
          2. Create a Movie with AutoMovie
          3. Create a Movie Manually
          4. Publish a Movie to Your Computer
          5. Remove Extra Footage
      3. 10. Do Two Simple Video Projects in One Hour
        1. Burn Your Own Home-Movie DVD
          1. Add Pictures or Video to a DVD
          2. Adding DVD Options
          3. Set Menu Text and Styles
          4. Specify Slide-Show Settings
          5. Burn Your DVD
        2. Publish Your Movie to the Web
          1. Publish a Movie to Your Computer
          2. Set Web Publishing Options
    8. V. Media Center
      1. 11. Bring It All Together with Media Center
        1. Navigate the Windows Media Center Interface
        2. Access and Organize Media
          1. Store Your Files
          2. Understand Your Libraries
          3. View the File Types Supported by Media Center
            1. Music File Types and Extensions
            2. Video File Types and Extensions
            3. Picture File Types and Extensions
        3. Explore and Optimize Media Center Views
        4. Set Up Library Folder Watch
          1. Add Folders to Watch
          2. Stop Watching Folders
        5. Optimize Media Center
          1. Set Up a Media Center Optimization Schedule
        6. Expand Media Center with a Media Extender
          1. Add a Media Extender
      2. 12. Have Fun with Media Center
        1. Burn a CD
          1. Burn an Audio CD
        2. Burn a DVD
          1. Burn a TV Show or Video to a DVD
          2. Burn Music, Pictures, or Videos to a Data DVD
        3. Create a DVD Slide Show with Background Music
        4. Listen to Free Online Music and Radio Stations
          1. Listen to FM Radio with Media Center
          2. Create a Preset for Your FM Radio Station
          3. Listen to Internet Radio with Media Center
        5. Explore Remote Control Options
        6. Command Media Center with Your Voice
      3. 13. Play with TV
        1. Watch Live TV
          1. Enjoy Live TV
          2. Pause, Rewind, Fast-Forward, or Skip Forward During Live TV
        2. Record Your Favorite TV Programs
          1. Set General Recording Options
          2. Understand the Two Primary Ways to Record a TV Show or Movie
          3. Record While a Program is Playing
          4. Record a Weekly TV Series
        3. Manage Your Recorded TV Programs
          1. Delete, Delete, Delete!
          2. Change the Keep Option to Delete a Recorded Program
          3. Delete a Recorded Program Manually
          4. Verify Options
        4. Download Movies
          1. A Word About Online Stores
        5. Set Parental Controls
    9. VI. Everyday Living
      1. 14. Spice Up Your Life with the New Features of Windows Vista
        1. Use Windows Calendar to Organize Your Life and Family
          1. Create a New Calendar
          2. Create an Appointment
          3. Create a Task
          4. Subscribe to a Calendar on the Web
        2. Let the Windows Sidebar Be Your Second Set of Eyes
        3. Play Games by Using Windows Vista and Media Center
        4. Protect Your Child with Parental Controls
          1. Turn On Parental Controls for a Standard User
        5. Protect Your Investment with Windows Defender
          1. Turn On Windows Defender Real-Time Protection
          2. Put Windows Defender Definitions on a Schedule
          3. A Word About Windows Firewall
          4. Turn On Windows Firewall
        6. Control Windows Vista with Your Voice
      2. 15. Incorporate the 2007 Microsoft Office System
        1. Edit Clip Art in Office Word 2007
          1. Change the Style of Your Art
          2. Change the Shape of Your Art
          3. Add a Border to Your Art
          4. Add a Visual Effect to Your Art
        2. Create Monthly Calendars in Office PowerPoint 2007
        3. Download and Use Microsoft Templates
        4. Plan Your Schedule with Office Excel 2007
        5. Create Your Own Coloring Book
        6. Create Your Own Greeting Cards with Office Publisher 2007
      3. 16. Surf with Windows Internet Explorer 7
        1. Navigate the Interface
        2. Use Quick Tabs
        3. Set Up Tab Groups
          1. Create a Tab Group
          2. Open a Tab Group
        4. Take Advantage of the Live Search Box
          1. Add More Providers to Live Search
        5. Use Advanced Printing Features
          1. Preview Your Web Page Before Printing
        6. Configure RSS Feeds
          1. Subscribe to a Feed
          2. Configure Feed Properties
        7. Verify Security
          1. Verify Your Pop-Up Blocker Settings
          2. Check Your Phishing Filter Settings
          3. Create a Windows CardSpace Card
      4. 17. Make the Most of Windows Vista Extras
        1. Use Windows Mail
          1. Get Started with Windows Mail
          2. Import Information into Windows Mail
          3. Import Messages to Windows Mail
          4. Create and Manage Folders
          5. Create a Folder
          6. Create a Rule
          7. Create Custom Stationery
          8. Create Your Own Stationery
          9. Use Your Stationery
          10. Save Someone Else’s Stationery for Your Own Use
        2. Add Windows Contacts
        3. Set Your RSS Options in Office Outlook 2007
          1. Add an RSS Feed to Outlook 2007
        4. Use Network Features
          1. Set Up a Network
        5. Go on the Road with Remote Desktop Connection and Remote Assistance
          1. Remote Desktop Connection
          2. Allow Remote Connections
          3. Start Remote Desktop
          4. Use Windows Remote Assistance
          5. Get Help with Windows Remote Assistance
    10. A. About the Authors
    11. Index
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Product information

  • Title: Breakthrough Windows Vista™: Find Your Favorite Features and Discover the Possibilities
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: February 2007
  • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
  • ISBN: 9780735623620