Visualise and
affirm your
‘Every moment of your life is
infinitely creative and the universe
is endlessly bountiful. Just put
forth a clear enough request, and
everything your heart desires must
come to you.’
Shakti Gawain (b. 1948;
author and pioneer in the
field of personal growth and
o you believe that your future is already mapped out? Is
it written in the stars? Or have you complete free will?
Whatever you believe about your capacity to shape the
future, the truth is that you have much more choice in how you
create it than you might think. This may feel a little daunting,
but it’s also incredibly exciting. So how exactly do you design
your future? How can you achieve your goals and turn your
dreams and desires into reality?
Your desire is a powerful force in the creation of your brilliant
life. You achieve your desires when you:
enjoy and appreciate what you already have
wholeheartedly commit to being the best version of yourself
take responsibility for your happiness.
Your desire is the catalyst for every life change and your inten-
tion determines whether that desire becomes a reality. Your
ability to manifest the changes you desire depends on the
strength and passion of your beliefs and on the focus of your
attention. It also depends on your capacity to imagine and create
a vision of your future.
Positive visualisation
When you visualise what you truly want, you make your aspira-
tions more tangible. What was once a wish becomes real and
112 brilliant life coach
achievable when you create a picture in your mind. The positive
mental images that you carry directly influence the quality of
your experiences, the way you think and feel about yourself and
the outcome of your goals.
There are many ways in which you can consciously manifest
your chosen goals. One of them is a process called positive visu-
alisation. A visualisation is an image in your mind of what you
want to happen. Positive visualisation is a way of directing your
imagination so that you program your subconscious to expect
whatever you have just imagined. Positive visualisations instil
powerful inner impressions that affect your thoughts, feelings,
and beliefs, as well as your outer circumstances. As a result,
you feel more positive and empowered and your new mindset
begins to attract corresponding cir-
cumstances into your life. You are
then less likely to be influenced by
negative thoughts and experiences,
because your thoughts are focused
on success and happiness.
positive visualisations
instil powerful inner
The beginning always takes place in your imagination.
Use your imagination
Remember your imagination is a powerful tool and you can use
it to visualise many different future possibilities. Your dreams
reflect your cherished wishes and you can translate these into
reality with the right mindset. Since dreams have no limitations,
feel free to let your imagination explore the landscape of pos-
sibilities. The positive energy that this generates will move you
into your future. You may think that it’s hard to visualise, but
this could be a limiting belief. Even if it doesn’t come naturally

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