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Brilliant Marketing, 3rd Edition

Book Description

Marketing has never been so important because business has never been so competitive.
Brilliant Marketing shows anyone how they can devise and execute winning marketing strategies. With practical advice from start to finish, this updated new edition gives you the lowdown on what works and how you can succeed with your campaigns.
Brilliant outcomes:
·    Understand the ideas, actions, campaigns that make a real difference.
·    Get a complete marketing skill-set to seduce and inspire.
·    Be a master of strategy – from thinking to planning to execution.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Contents
  4. Author’s acknowledgements
  5. Publisher’s acknowledgements
  6. Preface
  7. Introduction
  8. Part 1: Putting marketing into context
    1. 1 Brilliant marketing starts with a sense of smell
    2. 2 Have you really got what it takes to be a marketing star?
    3. 3 Say goodbye to the past
    4. 4 All about brands
    5. 5 How people think, feel and behave
  9. Part 2: These are your instruments, let’s party!
    1. 6 Advertising – the art of persuasion
    2. 7 PR – champagne, stockings and spin
    3. 8 Let’s talk business – B2B conversations
    4. 9 The future of marketing lies with digital and the people revolution
    5. 10 Sponsorship – using stars to impress
    6. 11 Designing a brand star
    7. 12 Direct marketing – yesterday’s world of data
    8. 13 Customer relations marketing – people make the difference
    9. 14 Theatrical marketing
    10. 15 Selling – turning marketing into action
    11. 16 Getting it all together (or creating an integrated marketing plan)
  10. Part 3: Change the world – create and execute a revolutionary marketing plan
    1. 17 Achieving momentum
    2. 18 The science of pitching for your marketing money
    3. 19 How to inspire marketing people and how to put energy into their marketing campaigns
  11. Part 4: This is a new, radical world – it needs a revolution in strategy and creativity
    1. 20 Budgeting? There is no money; next
    2. 21 The creative revolution
    3. 22 Be a research rebel
  12. Part 5: Marketing in new and small businesses
    1. 23 Watching the revolution unfold
    2. 24 Small-business marketing checklist
  13. Part 6: A summary of the marketing rules
    1. 25 Revolutionary checklists
  14. What did you think of this book?
  15. Index
  16. Endorsement
  17. Advertisment
  18. Imprint