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Brilliant Marketing, revised 2nd Edition

Book Description

Brilliant Marketing gives you the skills, examples, attitudes and techniques that you will need to plan and carry out the most outstanding and alluring campaigns. It also contains specific advice for new start-ups and small businesses where brilliant marketing can catapult you to success.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Contents
  4. Author’s acknowledgements
  5. Publisher’s acknowledgements
  6. Preface
  7. Part 1 Putting marketing into context
    1. Chapter 1 Marketing brilliance starts with a sense of smell
    2. Chapter 2 Have you got what makes a marketing star?
    3. Chapter 3 The marketing battleground – past, present and future
    4. Chapter 4 All about brands
    5. Chapter 5 All about customers, consumers and how they behave
  8. Part 2 Ladies and gentlemen: choose your weapons and start marketing
    1. Chapter 6 Madmen and the art of persuasion
    2. Chapter 7 PR – champagne, tequila and spin
    3. Chapter 8 The ‘new age’ of digital marketing
    4. Chapter 9 Social networking – is this the future of marketing?
    5. Chapter 10 Sponsorship – getting your name up in lights
    6. Chapter 11 Designing a product into a brand star
    7. Chapter 12 Direct marketing – a world of data and innovation
    8. Chapter 13 Customer relations marketing – it’s people who make a difference
    9. Chapter 14 Marketing the noisy, sensual and surreptitious way
    10. Chapter 15 Selling – turning marketing into action
    11. Chapter 16 Creating an integrated marketing plan
  9. Part 3 How to create and execute a great marketing plan
    1. Chapter 17 Achieving momentum – the art of marketing
    2. Chapter 18 Key steps in creating a plan – the science of marketing
    3. Chapter 19 The ten brilliant ways of managing people and your campaigns
  10. Part 4 The real world, strategy and creativity
    1. Chapter 20 That dreaded budget cut
    2. Chapter 21 The creative accelerator
    3. Chapter 22 Market research in this real world
  11. Part 5 Marketing in small businesses or doing it for yourself
    1. Chapter 23 Watching people is what great marketing needs
    2. Chapter 24 Small-business marketing checklist
  12. Part 6 A summary of the marketing rules
    1. Chapter 25 The Marketing Commandments
  13. What did you think of this book?
  14. Index
  15. Endorsements
  16. Advertisements
  17. Imprint