Brush up your
maths skills
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as it been a while since you used basic mental arithmetic?
There are many mathematical rules that you learned
when you were at school but you may since have for-
gotten. If your basic maths skills have become a little rusty then
the following section can help you brush up. In order to pass
your test, you will need to be able to perform calculations
quickly and accurately in your head.
Are you panicking? If so, don’t.
Remember that somewhere, deep
inside your mind, your maths knowl-
edge is still there you just need to
brush away the cobwebs. As you
work through the practice questions and the answer expla-
nations, you should hopefully find these skills coming back to
you.This book doesn’t set out to re-teach the basics, but instead
aims to improve the numeracy skills that you already possess.
Let’s start by ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the
following basic maths skills:
1 basic numerical operations;
2 the metric system of measurement;
3 more complex mathemetical operations.
If you are certain that you have these maths basics covered then
you should skip ahead.
somewhere, deep inside
your mind, your maths
knowledge is still there
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