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Bringing Science to the Art of Selling is the ONLY Option

Video Description

Is your sales organization maximizing their opportunities? At many firms, sales performance is headed in the wrong direction. Sales cycles are increasing, conversion rates are decreasing, and anticipated deals end up not closing. Even deals being won often don't yield what was forecast, margins are under pressure, and customer churn is rising. In this challenging environment, what can be done to improve sales performance? In this interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, Jim Dickie, managing partner of CSO Insights, reveals findings from his firm's 2014 Sales Management Optimization study, with data from 1000+ sales organizations. Dickie shares statistics about the sales challenges organizations face and describes how a growing number of sales organizations are leveraging analytics and big data to develop successful sales strategies and tactics. Through big data and analytics, companies are targeting the right prospects, identifying buying cycles just as they begin, minimizing competitive losses, and increasing average deal sizes and margins.