To the courageous women and men

Who speak up heroically

When it matters most

Pressing their leaders to do the right thing

Beyond personal agendas

Fighting past the point of fatigue

Meeting threats and retaliation


Their selflessness and integrity inspires

Seldom recognized

Often stigmatized


Their message eventually prevails

Many times too late for them

They are a source of light


Organizations ultimately respond

New leaders turn the tide

Paving the way for the next generation

A transformation may take hold

A decade after the first issue erupted

May this book support your judgements


It is lonely at the top

Leaders must choose words of contrition

Separate from the past

Connect to the future

Taking an illuminated path to rehabilitation

Steering under pressure

Battling through darkness

Themes from the book of Genesis


The sentences are mine

The words come from the few with courage

That inspire

And create a better world


* * *


To my homes: El Salvador, Canada, and The Netherlands

To my family and friends


With thanks to:

Clients that shared their stories

The dynamic and creative writing team of James Geuzebroek and Mark Laurie

Family and friends that provided extensive support

Guidance and support from Shana

The art and input from Mateo and Bianca

The edits by Maria

Brainstorming support from friends

Idea development with Mark

Idea visualization with Bob and Tristan

Diligent commentary from Leon, David, and Rikkert

Prosecutors, regulators, ...

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