BSCI Exam Cram™ 2 (Exam 642-801)

Book description

Your resource to passing the Cisco CCNP BSCI Certification Exam!

Join the ranks of readers who have trusted Exam Cram 2 to their certification preparation needs! The CCNP BSCI Exam Cram 2 (Exam 642-801) is focused on what you need to know to pass the CCNP BSCI exam. The Exam Cram 2 Method of Study provides you with a concise method to learn the exam topics. The book includes tips, exam notes, acronyms and memory joggers in order to help you pass the exam.

Included in the CCNP BSCI Exam Cram 2:

  • A tear-out "Cram Sheet" for last minute test preparation.

  • Covers the CCNP BSCI Exam 642-801, which is a requirement for the CCNP, CCIP and CCDP certifications.

  • The PrepLogic Practice Tests, test engine to simulate the testing environment and test your knowledge.

  • Trust in the series that has helped many others achieve certification success - Exam Cram 2.

  • Table of contents

    1. Copyright
    2. The BSCI Cram Sheet
    3. A Note from Series Editor Ed Tittel
    4. About the Author
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. We Want to Hear from You!
    7. Introduction
    8. Self-Assessment
    9. Cisco Certification Exams
      1. The Exam Situation
      2. Exam Layout and Design
      3. Exam-Taking Techniques
      4. Question-Handling Strategies
      5. Mastering the Inner Game
      6. Additional Resources
    10. Routing Principles
      1. Major Functions of a Router
      2. Routing Algorithm Characteristics
      3. Anatomy of a Routing Table
      4. Exam Prep Questions
      5. Need to Know More?
    11. Extending IP Addresses
      1. Review of TCP/IP Subnetting
      2. Classless Interdomain Routing
      3. Using VLSM to Extend the IP Addresses Scheme
      4. Route Summarization
      5. Configuring IP Helper to Manage Broadcasts
      6. Exam Prep Questions
      7. Need to Know More?
    12. Implementing OSPF in a Single Area
      1. OSPF Versus RIP in a Large Internetwork
      2. OSPF Discovery, Selection, and Route Maintenance
      3. OSPF Operation in a Single Area NBMA Setting
      4. OSPF Configuration and Verification for Operation in a Single Area
      5. Exam Prep Questions
      6. Need to Know More?
    13. Interconnecting OSPF Areas
      1. OSPF Areas, Routers, and LSAs
      2. OSPF Support for Variable-Length Subnet Masking (VLSM) and Route Summarization in Multiple Areas
      3. OSPF Operation in a Multiple-Area NBMA Environment
      4. Configuring and Verifying a Multi-Area OSPF Network
      5. Exam Prep Questions
      6. Need to Know More?
    14. Applying Integrated IS-IS
      1. IS-IS Networks and Interfaces
      2. Types of IS-IS Routers and Their Role in Area Hierarchical Design
      3. Developing an Effective Addressing Plan for IS-IS Deployment
      4. Identifying Systems and Establishing IS-IS Adjacencies
      5. Database Synchronization and Routing Traffic Transport
      6. IS-IS NBMA Solutions in Switched WAN Networks
      7. Configuring Cisco Routers for Appropriate Integrated IS-IS Operation
      8. Exam Prep Questions
      9. Need to Know More?
    15. Employing Enhanced IGRP
      1. EIGRP Features and Operation
      2. EIGRP Discovery, Selection, and Route Maintenance
      3. EIGRP Support of VLSM and Route Summarization
      4. Routing Traffic Transport and Database Synchronization
      5. EIGRP Operation in an NBMA Environment and Large Networks
      6. Verifying Enhanced IGRP Operation
      7. Exam Prep Questions
      8. Need to Know More?
    16. Configuring Border Gateway Protocol
      1. Connecting to Other Autonomous Systems
      2. BGP Policy-Based Routing Functions Within an Autonomous System
      3. BGP Synchronization
      4. BGP Peering Functions with Peer Groups and Communities
      5. Configuring and Verifying External and Internal BGP
      6. Exam Prep Questions
      7. Need to Know More?
    17. Scaling BGP Networks
      1. Scalability Issues with Internal BGP
      2. BGP Route Reflectors
      3. Policy Control in BGP Using Prefix Lists
      4. Connecting Multiple ISPs Using BGP
      5. Route Redistribution Between BGP and IGPs
      6. Verifying Multihomed BGP Environment
      7. Exam Prep Questions
      8. Need to Know More?
    18. Routing Update Optimization and Redistribution
      1. Cisco Policy-based Routing
      2. Redistribution of Routing Update Traffic
      3. Configuring Route Redistribution
      4. Resolving Path Selection Issues in Redistributed Networks
      5. Verifying Route Redistribution
      6. Exam Prep Questions
      7. Need to Know More?
    19. Practice Exam 1
      1. Questions, Questions, Questions
      2. Picking Proper Answers
      3. Decoding Ambiguity
      4. Working Within the Framework
      5. Deciding What to Memorize
      6. Preparing for the Test
      7. Taking the Test
    20. Answer Key 1
      1. Answer Key Explanations
    21. Practice Exam 2
    22. Answer Key 2
      1. Answer Key Explanations
    23. Commands in the BSCI Exam Cram 2
    24. Resources
      1. Print Resources
      2. Online Study Resources
      3. Relevant Standards and Specifications
      4. Octet Calculation Table
      5. Decimal-to-Binary Conversion Chart
      6. IP Address Classes
      7. IP Address Default Subnet Masks
      8. Subnet Mask Examples
    25. What's on the CD-ROM
      1. PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition
    26. Using PrepLogic, Preview Edition Software
      1. Exam Simulation
      2. Question Quality
      3. Interface Design
      4. Effective Learning Environment
      5. Software Requirements
      6. Installing PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition
      7. Using PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition
      8. Get More Exams
      9. Customer Service
    27. Glossary
    28. Index

    Product information

    • Title: BSCI Exam Cram™ 2 (Exam 642-801)
    • Author(s): Michael J. Shannon, Ed Tittel
    • Release date: September 2003
    • Publisher(s): Pearson IT Certification
    • ISBN: 9780789730176