Verifying Enhanced IGRP Operation

The show ip eigrp neighbors EXEC-mode command is one of the main tools to use for EIGRP verification and maintenance. This command displays the contents of the EIGRP neighbor table and the peers that have been discovered. The EIGRP neighbor table contains the IP address of each neighbor, the local interface used for the connection, the holdtime value, the uptime value, and information regarding EIGRP packet updates, as shown in Listing 7.7.

Listing 7.7. A Sample Output from the show ip eigrp neighbors Command
 RouterA# show ip eigrp neighbors IP-EIGRP Neighbors for process 20 Address interface Holdtime Uptime Q Seq SRTT RTO (secs) (h:m:s) Count Num (ms) (ms) Ethernet1 9 0:00:33 0 13 6 22 ...

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