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BSS: Essential Time Management

Book Description

Time is a resource like any other. Using your time effectively can transform your personal productivity and determine your level of success. Moreover, it can change your level of job satisfaction and confidence. This book provides a practical framework to help anyone manage their time better at work. The principles of good time management are not complex, but having the right kind of attitude to the process can make a big difference in your efforts to get on top of your work. This book also inspires and shows you how to adopt certain mental attitudes and thinking towards your working day and the tasks facing you.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. 1 What Is Time Management?
    1. What Is Time Management?
    2. Debunking The Myths
    3. Background On Managing Time
  7. 2 Proactive Or Reactive?
    1. The Active Continuum
  8. 3 Balance and Productivity
    1. So What Does This Mean?
    2. How Much Recreation Time Do I Need?
    3. How Your Brain Operates
    4. Further Points About Balance
    5. Dealing With Stress
  9. 4 Plotting Your Course
    1. What Really Gets Your Motor Running?
    2. “Where Do I Start?”
    3. How Do I Set My Goal?
    4. The Goal Setting Model
    5. Some Points To Consider
    6. Finally – Use Your Emotions to Guarantee Success
    7. Out Of The Comfort Zone
  10. 5 Getting It Straight
    1. First Things First
    7. Benefits Of This Model
    8. Transfer This Priority List Into Your Diary
    9. All In A Day’s Work
    10. You Do Not Have To Do It All
    11. More Useful Points To Consider
  11. 6 What Is Your Game Plan?
    1. What Is Planning?
    2. Two Interconnected Plans
    3. The Strategic Plan
    4. The Tactical Plan
    5. Some Important Things To Note
  12. 7 Develop Your PEC (Personal Energy Curve)
    1. Create Your Own PEC
    2. Good Decision Making
    3. Do Not Fight Yourself
  13. 8 No, You May Not Read This Later
    1. Your Greatest Enemy
    2. The Model
    3. Benefits
    4. What’s Stopping Me
    5. Emotions
    6. How to Motivate Yourself
    7. Working Under Pressure
    8. Give Yourself Time
    9. Procrastination Or Adrenaline?
    10. Why Procrastinate?
    11. A Few Additional Things
    12. Procrastination Versus Perfectionism
    13. What Is Your Approach?
  14. 9 Information Overload
    1. Do You Really Need To Know?
    2. Fear Not! Help Is At Hand!
    3. How To Do It
    4. An Interesting Example
    5. Creatures Of Habit
  15. 10 Just Say ‘No’
    1. Taking Control
    2. Saying ‘No’ And Your Family Doctor
  16. 11 I’m Sorry, They Are In A Meeting
  17. 12 Flex Your Muscles
    1. Business People
    2. Athletes
    3. Leaders
    4. CEOs
  18. 13 Technology Is Your Friend
    1. E-mail
    2. Managing Your E-mails
    3. Other Applications
    4. Master The Program
    5. Get To Know The System
    6. Seek Help From Someone
    7. An Example That Did Make It But Still Failed
    8. What You Must Learn
    9. Investment Or Loss?
  19. 14 An Apple A Day
    1. A Long Lasting High
    2. Maximising Your Time Spent
    3. Stress Relief
  20. 15 Excuse Me, Do You Have A Moment?
    1. What Are Interruptions?
    2. Your Mental Motor
    3. Change The Culture
  21. 16 Make Someone Else Do It
    1. Making Others Work For You
    2. Skills Gap?
    3. Capitalise On Talent
  22. 17 Your Three Biggest Time Wasters
    1. Here Is How To Do It
  23. 18 Using Your Head
    1. The Strategy Is Simply An Instruction
    2. What If I Get Stuck?
    3. Get Out There!
    4. Others’ Thoughts On T-Time
  24. 19 Do Not Cross This Line!
    1. Need Further Motivation?
  25. 20 It Can Work: Family and Work
    1. The Case For the Current Wisdom
    2. The Case Against Current Wisdom
  26. 21 The Pareto Principle
    1. At Work …
    2. Men …
    3. Women …
    4. Men and Women …
    5. Children, Family …
  27. 22 Going With The Flow
  28. Appendices
  29. Suggested Reading
  30. About the Author