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BSS: Surviving Office Politics

Book Description

Lying, cheating, manipulating, conniving, backstabbing, and schmoozing. And don't forget falsifying, scheming, and even sleeping with someone. All of these go on in the workplace. And we all know someone who is engaged in using devious tactics to further their own career. If you think you can just "work hard" without paying attention to politics, then think again. Politics happens - whether you want to admit it or not. But politicking need not always be bad. You may think that politics is something that only manipulative, self-serving types engage in. But politicking merely describes the act of scrutinising relationships and learning how to influence others more effectively. It is merely a tool. Some people will choose to influence others to further their own devious ends, while others will influence for the good of themselves and the organisation. So here is the definitive answer to engaging with office politics to further your own career in a positive fashion- and deal with the Machiavellian types and pre-empt their efforts.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
    1. Probably the most useful book you will ever buy
    2. Sex
    3. Key guidelines to success
  6. 1 Office Politcs In Context
    1. All, nothing or something
    2. Ten phrases that should sound warning bells
    3. Megalomania (un)Limited
    4. Ten Potential Allies
    5. Ten Potential Enemies
    6. Know your enemy
    7. The political stage
    8. Amongst the players
    9. A little help from your friends
    10. Passages of power
    11. Key guidelines to success
  7. 2 The Power Of Image
    1. First impressions last
    2. Last year’s model
    3. Bits and bobs
    4. Key guidelines to success
  8. 3 The Power Of Performance
    1. If you don’t know where you are going...
    2. Once upon a time...
    3. A bad workman
    4. Time is relative
    5. Getting somewhat uncomfortable
  9. 4 Communication
    1. I say ... I say ... I say ...
    2. Ten phrases that (probably) indicate a lie
    3. Like nailing jam to the wall
    4. Ten examples of “officespeak” (and how to interpret them)
    5. A useful body of knowledge
    6. You make me feel so...
    7. Round your little finger
    8. Take a memo
    9. Very important STOP
    10. Now, do it standing up
    11. Now here’s a vine thing
    12. Hype, hype-hurrah!
    13. Have I got you where you want me
    14. Key guidelines to success
  10. 5 Management And Meetings
    1. Management matters
    2. Ten ways to keep subordinates in their place (but inhibit performance)
    3. One to one, and a few more
    4. Ten things to do in boring meetings (Other than discuss business)
    5. The right rate of strike
    6. Two halves make a hole
    7. Ten ways of delaying things (still further)
    8. Key guidelines to success
  11. 6 Knives And Other Weapons
    1. All the things there are
    2. Whoops!
    3. The office marriage
    4. A bit of a do
    5. Cooking the books
    6. The longer or shorter course
    7. None the wiser
    8. How am I doing?
    9. The small print
    10. A word with the judge
    11. Game, set and match
    12. Ten things that sound certain, definitive and authoritative (but are sometimes not)
    13. Key guidelines to success
  12. 7 Will You Be Successful At Office Politics?
    1. Getting to grips with the problem
    2. Ten ultimate winning ploys
    3. Key guidelines to success
  13. Read On
    1. Ten suggestions for your bookshelf
  14. Look to the Future
  15. About the Author