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BSS: The New Rules of JobHunting

Book Description

Job hunting is a job in itself. But too many books are aimed at helping career no-hopers get into a job - any job. This book is aimed at helping ambitious high fliers to, well, fly even higher. It will make sure you get the right job and maintain upward momentum in your career. The book helps you to understand the product - ie, you - that is on offer. What are your strengths and weaknesses, achievements and the kind of career that you should be chasing? It then helps you to scope the job market (investigating jobs, using the grapevine, building a profile with headhunters). It lays out the practical rules for shining at interviews (learning the secrets of the "three Cs" - competence, chemistry and capacity for growth) and sealing the deal (ensuring you pick the right job offer for you and negotiating a package).

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Introduction
  7. 1 Understanding The Product
    1. Scrutinize yourself
    2. See yourself as others see you
    3. Tear yourself apart
    4. Consider the bigger picture
    5. Decide on your priorities
    6. Hone your vision
    7. Have a plan
  8. 2 Creating a Winning CV
    1. Tailor your CV
    2. Understand that size matters
    3. Start from scratch
    4. KISS your CV
    5. Weigh up different formats
    6. Devise your own format
    7. Quantify your achievements
    8. Summarize your experience
    9. Select interests and hobbies with care
    10. Ponder on your marital status
    11. Be sensible and safe
    12. Lie at your own risk
    13. Omit unnecessary information
    14. Get a second opinion
    15. Explain your employability
    16. Aim for one in four
  9. 3 Opening Up Opportunities
    1. JFDI
    2. Consider the different areas of your life
    3. Develop your spiel
    4. Prioritize your list
    5. Start off gently
    6. Introduce yourself appropriately
    7. Press the flesh
    8. Observe the etiquette of networking
    9. Ask for referrals
    10. Line up your references
    11. Prepare your referees
    12. Never ask for a job
    13. Be ready to be interviewed
    14. Repeat as necessary
    15. Maintain your visibility
    16. Set and achieve performance targets
    17. Understand the truth about headhunters
    18. Use headhunters appropriately
    19. Hunt the headhunter
    20. Target the right headhunter
    21. Beware of matchmakers
    22. ACE your emotions
  10. 4 Being Unforgettable at Interviews
    1. Stay focused
    2. Grab your opportunity
    3. Be confident
    4. Tell a compelling story
    5. Devise seven success stories
    6. Spot competency-based questions
    7. Be a STAR
    8. Snatch success from failure
    9. Count down the top ten
    10. Compensate for your weaknesses
    11. Defuse problems
    12. Take a proactive stance
    13. Talk about the long term
    14. Pass the Pittsburgh Airport Test
    15. Play the game
    16. Communicate without words
    17. Pitch yourself at the right level
    18. Build a sense of gravitas
    19. Dress for success
    20. Always look on the bright side of life
    21. Follow the leader
    22. Handle illegal questions
    23. Deflect questions about money
    24. Discuss other job offers
    25. Ask killer questions
    26. Ascertain the key deliverables
    27. Make a last-ditch attempt
    28. Exploit the recency effect
    29. Prepare for aptitude tests
    30. Be careful on personality tests
    31. Keep the momentum going
    32. Brief your referees
    33. Solicit candid feedback
    34. Sustain your employability
  11. 5 Signing on the Dotted Line
    1. Defer spontaneous job offers
    2. Measure your worth
    3. Determine your objectives
    4. Focus on your priorities
    5. Make the employer do the talking
    6. Establish the parameters of the job
    7. Agree clear performance criteria
    8. Ensure a safe landing
    9. Beware of the small print
    10. Look before you leap
    11. Do your due diligence
    12. Consider culture carefully
    13. Conclude the job hunt
  12. Final Thoughts
  13. About the Author