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BSS: The New Rules of Entrepreneurship

Book Description

Nearly everyone has thought about starting up their own business at one time or another. Working for other people is no longer the only option that we have these days. But what does it really take to become an entrepreneur? Combining genuinely practical advice with an easily digestible format, Rob Yeung guides you through the things you need to know in order to set up on your own. You don't have to do something entirely new, you could just do it better, and this book shows you how to get motivated, make a business plan and sell your product quickly and effectively.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Introduction
    1. Disregard the hype about entrepreneurs
    2. Invest in perspiration, not education
    3. Do something new or tackle something old
    4. Count yourself in
  7. 1 Thinking like an Entrepreneur
    1. Chase a passion, not cash
    2. Enjoy business and people
    3. Take responsibility
    4. Enjoy making mistakes
    5. Commit to getting started
  8. 2 Nurturing Your Idea
    1. Ponder, reflect, and contemplate
    2. Investigate new markets, niches, and opportunities
    3. Pick up on market trends
    4. Broaden your perspective
    5. Transform, transact, or transcend
    6. Go 3D
    7. Play 20 questions
    8. Go against the crowd
    9. Harness the power of three
    10. Scribble before you sleep
    11. Trust your gut
    12. Think buyer, not seller
    13. Ignore the nay-sayers
  9. 3 Deepening Understanding Around Your Idea
    1. Begin to create your vision
    2. Understand why customers buy
    3. Keep your forward momentum
    4. Research the reality
    5. Network as if your life depended on it
    6. Ask, listen, evaluate
    7. Ask the right questions
    8. Be discreet
    9. Understand the competition
    10. Research your customers
    11. Recognize that the final choice is yours
    12. Document your travels
  10. 4 Planning and Funding Your Business
    1. Get it on paper
    2. Use a plan template
    3. KISS the numbers
    4. Put your money where your passion is
    5. Take the plunge
    6. Develop your elevator pitch
    7. Seek a mentor
    8. Treat your mentor as a special resource
    9. Entice investors with your plan
    10. Build a prototype, create a demo
    11. Interview investors
    12. Avoid money from family and friends
    13. Stay positive
    14. Ponder before partnering
    15. Become equal partners
    16. Think the unthinkable
  11. 5 Setting Up the Business
    1. Name your venture
    2. Invite players to your party
    3. Get professional advice
    4. Refine your offering
    5. Build the customer experience
    6. Map it out from cradle to grave
    7. Scrutinize your spending
    8. Get your hands dirty
    9. Immerse yourself in the business
    10. Keep your focus
    11. Work smart, not hard
    12. Consider the alternative
    13. Keep negative emotions at bay
  12. 6 Selling and Making Money
    1. Understand the importance of selling
    2. Sell, sell, sell
    3. Focus on serving, not selling
    4. Mention benefits, not features
    5. Ask and listen before you tell and sell
    6. Understand that people like people like them
    7. Press the flesh
    8. Promote, sell, and promote some more
    9. Persist, persist, persist
    10. Set yourself a sales goal
    11. Push your prices up, up, up
    12. Speak up and be noticed
    13. Look for targeted media opportunities
    14. Count the hits, not the misses
    15. Become an implant
    16. Charge up your customer conveyor belt
    17. Create customer delight
    18. Categorize your customers
    19. Ask for referrals
  13. 7 Hiring People
    1. Hire for temperament, not qualifications
    2. Place a premium on people skills
    3. Ask about prior success
    4. Pay well, reward better
  14. 8 Evolving and Advancing the Business
    1. Grow or grow
    2. Work in and on your business
    3. Continue to exploit networks
    4. Keep your secrets safe
    5. Ask for a poke in the eye
    6. Keep questioning your customers
    7. Review and revamp
    8. Learn to let go
    9. Instruct with intelligence
    10. Give effective feedback
    11. Pay attention to relationships and tasks
    12. Cultivate your culture
    13. Invest in your business and people
    14. Create a board of advisers
    15. Be a real person, not a business-person
    16. Prepare to move on
  15. Final Thoughts
  16. About the Author