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BSS The New Rules of Networking

Book Description

It's not what you know, it's who you know. Never has this been truer. Networking has become one of the key skills for virtually anyone who wants to get on in their jobs and careers. In fact, in just about any situation, knowing the right person will get you ahead. This book provides the essential rules and secrets to successful networking. It addresses the how, why and who of networking to enable virtually anyone to grasp the key skills and do some serious networking. Far from being a God-given talent, networking is a technique that can be learnt, honed and applied to great effect. Careers consultant Rob Yeung offers savvy and practical advice on networking that will make a genuine difference to your career.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Introduction: Six Scenarios
    1. 1 Would you like to get promoted?
    2. 2 Do you want to earn more money?
    3. 3 Would you like to get offered a new job?
    4. 4 Do you work for yourself as a freelancer or consultant?
    5. 5 Are you a part of an organization that wants to succeed?
    6. 6 Have you aspirations of working for yourself in the future?
  7. 1. Get Ready to Network
    1. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know
    2. Networking ain’t rocket science
    3. Setting an objective
    4. If not strategic, then spontaneous is okay too
    5. Network anywhere
    6. What do you do?
    7. Develop an elevator speech
    8. Once more with feeling
    9. Understand the product
    10. Look the part
    11. And smell your parts
  8. 2. Build your Network, One Person at a Time
    1. It’s okay to feel nervous – but JFDI
    2. Recite a personal mantra
    3. Make the first move
    4. More ice breakers
    5. Classic conversation killers
    6. Are you still awake?
    7. Move into second and third gear
    8. Conversation, not interrogation
    9. Have a tale to tell
    10. Five damn good stories
    11. Be smart, be stupid – but be memorable
    12. And one killer question
    13. The recency effect
    14. Premature congratulation
    15. Mirror, mirror
    16. Abort, abort, abort!
    17. Card conventions
    18. Glad to see the back of them
    19. Focus on rapport
  9. 3. Common Circumstances and Strange Situations
    1. Conference etiquette
    2. Making the most of conferences
    3. Are you carrying an offensive weapon?
    4. Talking business
    5. Networking while nibbling
    6. Plane speaking
    7. Four weddings and a funeral
    8. Meetings, meetings, meetings
    9. Become a center of attention
    10. Networking and career support groups
  10. 4. Nurture your Network
    1. Keep tally
    2. Assume at your peril
    3. Not every event is important
    4. The three-day rule
    5. Pick up a pen
    6. P.S.
    7. The next step
    8. Build bridges
    9. Hanging on the telephone
    10. Stand and deliver
    11. Become e-ffective
    12. Press the flesh
    13. Networker or nuisance?
    14. Respond to requests
    15. Hot or not
    16. Use the grapevine
    17. The Z-list
    18. Why Christmas is a waste of time ...
    19. ... But birthdays are not
  11. 5. Put your Network to Work
    1. Focus your objective
    2. Ask and you shall receive
    3. Getting past no
    4. The people who know the people you know
    5. Script your dialog
    6. Put pen to paper, again
    7. Reveal your hidden circle of contacts
    8. Further your career
    9. Make the most of mentoring
    10. Ask for a job, by not asking for a job
    11. Inject reality into a job search
    12. Find your way to new clients
    13. Partner to win customers
  12. Final Words
  13. About the Author