Chapter 19 Oci Ciornie


Oct Ciornie (Dark Eyes) is like a him from another age, made without thought of profit and with no definite idea of an audience. The producer, Silvia d'Amico, was born into a highly cultured Italian family and could count Rossellini, De Sica, Visconti, Fellini, Monicelli and Flaiano among her parents' best friends. Her idea of a film is of something fashioned by writers, directors and producers, not by financiers. Her interest is not to please an audience but to create a beautiful work of art.

In style ana content, Oci Ciornie is unlike any other Italian film of recent years. This may explain why there was little initial enthusiasm for it on the part of distributors, even in Italy.

In fact, d'Amico had difficulty ...

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