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Build a Reddit-Like Messaging Board with React and Firebase

Video Description

Build your own modern stateful web applications with confidence!

About This Video

  • Get familiar with the essential tools you need to become a create a web app with React
  • Build modern stateful web applications
  • Understand advanced react patterns

In Detail

In this course, you will learn how to build a message board website similar to the Reddit using the latest and greatest web technologies, including React - the reactive web framework developed by Facebook, and Firebase - the real-time serverless messaging framework from Google.

The course starts off by Creating a message board application with React where we will create-react-app to scaffold a new project and understand what’s in the scaffold. We will then learn to Add posts and style to our message board and load Reddit posts from a file. We will then track the application state in realtime with Firebase. We will conclude the course by going through advanced React Patterns by using components as a unit of styling and spreading props to wrap components.

By the end of this hands-on practical React course, we will teach you everything you need to know to go forward with confidence and build your own modern stateful web applications.