Build and Deploy Web Application on Microsoft Azure

Video Description

Create, deploy, scale and restore web applications on Microsoft Azure

About This Video

  • Create a MySQL Cloud Database and access it from anywhere without setting up a dedicated database Server
  • Network load-balance your web applications using Azure Load Balancer
  • Back up and restore files and web applications on Microsoft Azure

In Detail

Do you fear network security, availability, and potential downtime and have real concerns about deploying your web applications to the cloud? Microsoft Azure allows you to add cloud capabilities to your existing network through its Platform as a Service model. Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform for building, deploying, and managing services and applications anywhere across multiple data centers. This course will show you how to deploy and run Node.js web applications on Microsoft Azure and make them production-ready with backup services, monitoring, and scaling tools. You will create a cloud storage, including setting up and hosting static web applications on Microsoft storage blobs. You will also see how to load-balance your web applications using Azure Network Load Balancer, making them more resilient and stable. You will also focus on creating cloud databases connecting your Node.js application to a MySQL server hosted in Azure, and maintaining it. We also show you how to upload a Docker Container image to Azure, run it as a Web App, and service the image. By the end of the course, you will have learned the skills needed to develop, deploy, and manage Node.js web applications and services in Microsoft Azure with confidence.

The code bundle for this video course is available at -

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Deploy Web Apps and Scale Them
    1. The Course Overview 00:02:26
    2. Create Node.js Web Apps 00:03:53
    3. Create ASP.NET Web Apps 00:03:06
    4. Scale Web Apps 00:02:30
    5. Copy Files to a Web App Using FTP 00:02:16
    6. Add an SSL Certificate to a Web App 00:02:16
  2. Chapter 2 : Create App Services Plan for Web Apps
    1. Setup App Service Plan for Linux 00:02:37
    2. Setup App Service Plan for Windows 00:02:22
    3. View and Change an App Service Plan 00:01:54
    4. Scale Up or Down an App Service Plan 00:01:56
    5. Delete an App Service Plan 00:02:12
  3. Chapter 3 : Create a Storage Blob and Store Data
    1. Create a Storage Blob and Make it Accessible 00:02:10
    2. Upload Data to the Storage Blob 00:01:59
    3. Use Storage Explorer to Access a Storage Blob 00:02:21
    4. Host Static Websites on Azure Storage Blob 00:01:59
    5. Mount a Storage Blob on a Windows 10 Machine 00:02:03
  4. Chapter 4 : Create Load Balancer for Web Applications
    1. Create a Load Balancer 00:05:43
    2. Create a Load Balancer Rule 00:02:02
    3. Load Balance Traffic to Virtual Machines 00:02:56
    4. Monitor and Manage Networking on Azure 00:01:36
    5. Create Private Network 00:02:11
  5. Chapter 5 : Containerized Apps with Azure Web App for Containers
    1. Create Azure Container Registry for Container Storage 00:02:13
    2. Create a Node.js Application with Docker for Desktop and Upload It to Azure 00:02:45
    3. Scale a Node.js Container App with Azure Web App for Containers 00:02:59
    4. Manage Containerized Node.js Web Apps on Azure 00:02:58
    5. Update and Redeploy Containerized Web App 00:02:20
  6. Chapter 6 : Create MySQL Databases with Azure Database Services
    1. MySQL Database Solutions on Azure 00:03:09
    2. Create Clustered MySQL Database on Microsoft Azure 00:02:50
    3. Manage Hosted MySQL Database on Microsoft Azure 00:03:41
    4. Connect Node.js Web Application to Azure MySQL Database 00:02:22
    5. Back Up and Restore Hosted MySQL Database on Azure 00:02:50
  7. Chapter 7 : Back Up and Restore Your Data with Azure Backup Services
    1. Back Up Azure Web Apps 00:02:58
    2. Monitor Backup Jobs 00:01:47
    3. Restore a Virtual Machine Disk 00:02:22
    4. Restore Individual Files 00:02:13
    5. Back Up and Restore Azure File Shares 00:02:13

Product Information

  • Title: Build and Deploy Web Application on Microsoft Azure
  • Author(s): Shimon Ifrah
  • Release date: July 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789802283