Build and Deploy Lambda Functions: AWS with Python and Boto3

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Learn how you can develop and deploy Java, Python, NodeJS Lambda Functions and manage them using Python and Boto3!

About This Video

  • Learn how to do things programmatically.
  • Great course on AWS Lambda using Python

In Detail

AWS Lambda is one of the fastest growing services of AWS! This course is part of a series of courses on AWS solutions with Python and Boto3 and now it’s time to implement serverless functions! AWS Lambda is a cornerstone service for serverless architectures on AWS. You do not manage an infrastructure like CPU, memory, OS or patches you name it! All you have to do and worry about is your implementation and code! Let’s take a closer look at what we’re going to cover in this course step-by-step. In this course, we will start off with what we’ll build throughout the course and what you need to have on your computer to follow along with me. Don’t worry; I’ll explain everything you need very clearly and I’ll show you what you need to install and setup on your computer to work with AWS Lambda. There will be two different sections for Windows and MacOS users. These sections are basically identical and show how you can prepare your computer environment to be ready to work with AWS Lambda! I’ll show you how to install Python, Boto3 and configure your environments for these tools. I’ll also show you how you can create your own AWS account step-by-step and you’ll be ready to work AWS in no time! When we’re done with preparing our environment to work AWS with Python and Boto3, we’ll start implementing our solutions for AWS.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction
    1. Introduction 00:01:28
    2. About This Course 00:02:54
    3. What We Will Build in This Course 00:01:15
    4. What Do You Need For This Course? 00:03:25
  2. Chapter 2 : Preparing the Environment for Development
    1. Section Overview 00:03:43
    2. About Tools and Environment 00:04:30
    3. Create an AWS Account If You Don't Already Have It! 00:09:05
    4. Logging in to AWS Console and a Walkthrough 00:09:13
    5. Let's Create Our AWS Credentials! 00:11:13
  3. Chapter 3 : Windows Environment Setup
    1. Installing Python 3 and Pip 00:02:57
    2. Installing AWS SDK (CLI) 00:04:20
    3. Preparing CLI with AWS Credentials 00:02:57
    4. Installing Boto3 00:01:16
    5. Verifying the Setup 00:02:15
  4. Chapter 4 : Mac OS Environment Setup
    1. Installing Python 3 and Pip 00:03:24
    2. Installing AWS SDK (CLI) 00:03:01
    3. Preparing CLI with AWS Credentials 00:02:00
    4. Installing Boto3 00:00:51
    5. Verifying the Setup 00:02:09
  5. Chapter 5 : AWS Lambda with Boto3: Implementing Functions
    1. Setting Up Our Project with PyCharm IDE 00:03:24
    2. Creating an IAM Lambda Access Policy 00:09:53
    3. Creating an IAM Execution Role 00:06:55
    4. Attaching IAM Access Policy to IAM Execution Role 00:01:44
    5. Implementing Utility Methods for Source Code Bytes Reading - Part 1 00:05:10
    6. Implementing Utility Methods for Source Code Bytes Reading - Part 2 00:07:33
  6. Chapter 6 : AWS Lambda with Boto3: Developing, Deploying and Invoking Functions
    1. Developing a Python Lambda Function 00:04:16
    2. Deploying Python Lambda Function 00:07:21
    3. AWS Console Checkpoint: Python Lambda Function 00:02:16
    4. Developing a NodeJS Lambda Function 00:03:57
    5. Deploying NodeJS Lambda Function 00:02:51
    6. AWS Console Checkpoint: NodeJS Lambda Function 00:01:03
    7. Installing Eclipse AWS Plugin 00:05:39
    8. Creating a Java Lambda Function with Eclipse AWS Plugin 00:08:56
    9. Deploying Java Lambda Function 00:10:03
    10. AWS Console Checkpoint: Java Lambda Function 00:01:09
  7. Chapter 7 : AWS Lambda with Boto3: Updating Function Code, Versioning, Aliasing
    1. Invoking Functions 00:04:15
    2. Passing Environment Variables to a Function 00:06:11
    3. Modifying Function Code to Use Environment Variable and Invoking 00:07:23
    4. Publishing a New Function Version 00:05:10
    5. Creating Aliases for Function Versions 00:05:10
    6. Invoking Functions with Aliases 00:03:41
  8. Chapter 8 : AWS Lambda with Boto3: Function Operations
    1. Getting a Function Configuration 00:02:20
    2. Listing All Function Configurations 00:01:46
    3. Updating Function Configurations 00:03:02
    4. Deleting Functions 00:01:58
  9. Chapter 9 : Wrapping Up
    1. Thank You! 00:01:46

Product information

  • Title: Build and Deploy Lambda Functions: AWS with Python and Boto3
  • Author(s): Niyazi Erdoğan
  • Release date: January 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838557751