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Build EU GDPR Data Protection Compliance from Scratch (CIPT)

Video Description

Get free GDPR templates and documentation - Practical GDPR blueprint

About This Video

  • The course prepares students for the CIPT certification and to potentially handle GDPR challenges.
  • The course is delivered in a mix of over the shoulder lessons and PowerPoint presentations. So, either it shows you clicks on the screen and how exactly you do different actions, or it presents you the full concept using slides.
  • On top of that, you will get downloadable resources that will help you in your journey.

In Detail

Learn what GDPR regulation is and what is needed in order to achieve GDPR compliance.The course starts with GDPR foundations, explains data privacy concepts and what GDPR compliance means and also offers documents, policies and procedures that need to be created and adapted for your own organization in order to start GDPR programme.Part of the documents include a GDPR assessment tool, GDPR Data Privacy Impact, GDPR Implementation Guide, GDPR Data Breach Procedure, and so on. The course is a complete A to Z GDPR training, so we will cover everything that you need to know. In this way, we will first create the GDPR implementation plan as a first outcome, then you will learn the basic theory you need to know for being successful in front of clients or management and also that will help you in achieving your CIPT certification.What is CIPT certification? CIPT is the only technology related certification related to GDPR, developed by IAPP – International Association of Privacy Professionals. In the end, every report will end up with recommendations that usually involve technology that can solve GDPR challenges. In this way the author demonstrates some security concepts by using different cloud technologies and we will use Azure cloud as a matter of experiment for this course.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction
    1. Welcome and Intro 00:02:48
    2. Set your expectations 00:01:13
    3. A 1st touch of what you will really get in this course 00:09:27
  2. Chapter 2 : GDPR Implementation - short intro guide
    1. GDPR short overview 00:02:49
    2. Format and Definitions 00:03:07
    3. Principles 00:01:13
    4. Lawfulness 00:01:49
    5. Consent and right of the data subject 00:02:37
    6. Data Privacy Officer and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) 00:01:36
    7. Codes of conduct and international transfers 00:01:41
    8. Fines and Penalties 00:01:49
    9. Secure Management Commitment 00:02:20
    10. Plan your project 00:01:26
    11. Define roles and responsibilities 00:02:18
    12. Communication, Awareness and Training 00:01:27
    13. Personal Data Inventory 00:01:45
    14. Right of the Data Subject 00:01:46
    15. DPIA, Breaches and Record Processing 00:03:07
    16. Conclusion 00:03:18
  3. Chapter 3 : Understanding the need for privacy in IT environment
    1. Evolving compliance requirements 00:04:25
    2. Major risks to a company's IT framework 00:11:28
    3. Stakeholder expectations for privacy 00:04:50
    4. Privacy vs Security 00:03:52
    5. IT Governance vs Data Governance 00:01:56
  4. Chapter 4 : Core Privacy Concepts
    1. Foundational elements for embedding privacy in IT (1) 00:11:16
    2. Foundational elements for embedding privacy in IT (2) 00:04:28
    3. Common Privacy Principles 00:03:22
  5. Chapter 5 : Privacy Considerations & Techniques
    1. Collection 00:08:04
    2. Use 00:07:18
    3. Disclosure 00:04:47
    4. Retention 00:07:00
    5. Destruction 00:04:45
    6. Authentication techniques 00:09:08
    7. Identifiability 00:09:42
    8. Privacy by Design & Redesign 00:05:08
  6. Chapter 6 : Privacy in Systems and Applications
    1. Identity and Access Management (IAM) 00:09:28
    2. Credit card information & processing 00:06:48
    3. Remote access, telecommuting and bridging devices to work 00:05:46
    4. Data Encryption 00:09:20
    5. Other Privacy enhancing technologies 00:04:52
  7. Chapter 7 : GDPR documentation - how to start?
    1. Intro - what we will use and how to get full templates 00:02:37
    2. Gap Assessment 00:07:34
    3. How a message from the management should look like 00:03:02
    4. How to plan your project - preparation! 00:02:55
    5. GDPR Roles 00:04:14
    6. How to Capture Personal Data in a Form 00:03:34
    7. GDPR Privacy Data Protection Policy 00:03:58
    8. Data Subject Request Procedure 00:02:34
    9. Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) 00:03:28
    10. How to treat international transfers 00:02:50
    11. How to treat data breaches 00:03:16
    12. ISO 27K and GDPR mapping 00:02:15
  8. Chapter 8 : How Technology can help in achieving GDPR compliance
    1. What you will going to see in this section 00:03:32
    2. Identity Protection demo (AAD IP) 00:12:37
    3. Privileged Identity Management demo (PIM) 00:07:00
    4. Mobile Productivity policies demo (Intune) 00:17:32
    5. Classification, Labelling and Protection of Information demo (AIP) 00:09:28
    6. Cloud application visibility and security demo (Cloud App Sec) 00:12:31
    7. Security in cloud infrastructure environment demo 00:11:28
    8. Defending and remediating endpoints from cloud demo 00:09:15