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Build for Change: Revolutionizing Customer Engagement through Continuous Digital Innovation

Book Description

Customers have radically changed the ways they interact with businesses, and today's organizations need to adapt

Is your company prepared for the Gen D future, or is it heading toward life support? A lot of companies across the globe are going to die over the next few years, not because of macroeconomic stress, but because there is an emerging generation that is radically changing the rules of customer engagement. In Build For Change, Pegasystems CEO Alan Trefler shows exactly what companies can do to turn the coming "customerpocalypse" into one of the biggest business opportunities of the decade. The newest generation of consumers is turning customer relationship management on its head. Build For Change highlights the revolutionary changes to business, marketing, and technology practices that are needed to survive and thrive in these unforgiving times. Readers will learn how businesses are increasingly relying on new forms of customer engagement, and how one customer's experience—whether good or bad—can alter a company's reputation with the click of a mouse. With practical insight from a leader in customer engagement, this book serves as a timely wakeup call to companies that have not yet embraced the digital future.

Traditional marketing is becoming increasingly irrelevant, and businesses must become more customer-centric while taking a completely different approach to adopting and using technology. Build For Change outlines exactly what can—and must—be done to ensure sustainable success in the new digital era:

  • Relate to the new generation of consumers, and understand their preferences and demands

  • Stop obsessing about mountains of data, and instead apply business-driven continuous improvement to customer processes

  • Learn how to overcome the fatal flaws of current technology fads

  • Rethink organizational roles to drive adaptive and transformative innovation

  • Consumers have more options than ever before, and ensuring customer loyalty in the modern market means knowing exactly what the customer wants and how to deliver it brilliantly. Build For Change provides actionable guidance for engaging this new connected consumer.

    Table of Contents

    1. Foreword James Champy
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. Chapter 1: Customerpocalypse
      1. Great Expectations
      2. It Is So Easy to Lose Customers
      3. An Ominous Future
      4. Are You Provoking Your Customers?
      5. Welcome to the Nightmare
      6. “Don’t Sell to Me!”
      7. Anthropomorphism
      8. “I Want to Be the Discoverer!”
      9. Notes
    4. Chapter 2: Death by Data
      1. Big Data, Bigger Problem
      2. Autopsy of the “Customer Service Movement”
      3. Data Is Only Memory
      4. Data Suicide
      5. Creepy Data Gathering
      6. Getting beyond Data
      7. Notes
    5. Chapter 3: Adding Judgment and Desire
      1. Data in Context
      2. From Black-and-White to Color
      3. Adding Judgment to the Mix
      4. Bringing Smart to Big
      5. The Power of Hypothesis
      6. Next-Best-Action
      7. Adaptive Learning
      8. Organizing Your Insights
      9. Feedback Loops
      10. Intent Goes Both Ways
      11. Notes
    6. Chapter 4: Getting It Done with Customer Processes
      1. The Best Execution for Every Customer Interaction
      2. First Impressions
      3. Seamless Customer Processes
      4. Getting beyond Business Process Modeling
      5. Crossing Lines
      6. Building for Change
      7. A High-Definition Panorama
      8. Notes
    7. Chapter 5: Change How You Think about Technology
      1. The Business–IT Collision
      2. How Computer Programming Became a Mess
      3. Traditional Development
      4. Zombie Systems
      5. Manual Systems
      6. Rogue Systems
      7. Shadow IT
      8. Mind the Gap?
      9. The Desperation Bandwagon
      10. Agile Programming to the Rescue?
      11. Ready to Change?
      12. Notes
    8. Chapter 6: Liberating Your Organization
      1. Hybrid Vigor for Business and IT
      2. Break the Grips of Channels and Silos
      3. Realign Executive Leadership
      4. Redesign the Role of Customer Service
      5. Rewire the CFO Function
      6. Notes
    9. Chapter 7: You Are Your Software—The Digital Imperative
      1. Core Principles for Survival
      2. Democratize How You Do Technology
      3. Think in Layers
      4. Use Analytics to Optimize Continually
      5. From Dream to Reality
      6. Growing Pressure
      7. Your Next Steps
      8. Beyond the Twilight of the Brands
      9. Notes
    10. Index
    11. End User License Agreement