Build GDPR Compliance in Relation to Cloud Service Providers

Video Description

Get free GDPR documentation and hints to GDPR cloud contracts for a practical blueprint

About This Video

The course has created a total of 6 forms:

  • Supplier GDPR Assessment Form
  • Privacy Notice Planning Form
  • Data Subject Request Form
  • Record of Processing Activities
  • Personal Data Flow Mapping Tool
  • Personal Data Mapping Diagram

All these will be really helpful either you are working with a CSP or you are a CSP being involved in processing activities.

In Detail

Are you interested in GDPR compliance? Are you a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and do not know which are the requirements for you? Do you work with a Cloud Service Provider and do not know how to treat these contracts under GDPR? Are you involved in IoT and want to find out more about compliance under GDPR? Then this course is for you! And its not only theory - we do opt for templates and examples and we have prepared a list of 12 documents that you can start working with immediately. You may ask what exactly? Well, we have 3 procedures,the GDPR Assessment Procedure, Privacy Notice Procedure and GDPR Competence Development Procedure. Its all about training right? Well, as you are trained now, its important to understand the level of GDPR knowledge inside your company – this will help you understand which people are most relevant to speak to your collaborators, including cloud service providers. In this line, I have also prepared the GDPR Competence Development Questionnaire. We do also have an important Data Subject Request Register and DPIA Assessment Questionnaire that will help you identify when and if there is a need for a DPIA and what is the risk level for a specific request.

Product Information

  • Title: Build GDPR Compliance in Relation to Cloud Service Providers
  • Author(s): Roland Costea
  • Release date: July 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789612530