Build iOS Games with Sprite Kit

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Take your game ideas from paper to pixels using Sprite Kit, Apple's 2D game development engine. Build two exciting games using Sprite Kit and learn real-world, workshop-tested insights about game design, including cognitive complexity, paper prototyping, and levels of fun. You'll learn how to implement sophisticated game features such as obstacles and weapons, power-ups and variable difficulty, physics, sound, special effects, and both single- and two-finger control. In no time, you'll be building your own thrilling iOS games.

Table of contents

  1. Build iOS Games with Sprite Kit
    1. Copyright
    2. For the Best Reading Experience...
    3. Table of Contents
    4. Early Praise for Build iOS Games with Sprite Kit
    5. Preface
      1. How Do We Get There?
      2. The Road Ahead
      3. How to Get the Most out of This Book
      4. Expectations and Technical Requirements
      5. Acknowledgments
    6. Chapter 1: Introduction to Sprite Kit
      1. Setting Up a Sprite Kit Project
      2. Drawing Scenes and Sprite Nodes
      3. Following the Finger Around
      4. Making the Ship Glide
    7. Chapter 2: Actions: Go, Sprite, Go!
      1. Shooting at Asteroids with Simple Motion Actions
      2. Moving Nodes on a Path
      3. Playing Sound Effects in the Scene
      4. Implementing Weapon Power-Ups with Actions
    8. Chapter 3: Explosions and Particle Effects
      1. Generating a Parallax Field of Stars
      2. Building Thruster Fire with Xcode’s Particle Editor
      3. Loading Particle Emitter Files
      4. Spewing Particles Briefly for Explosions
    9. Chapter 4: Menus and Cutscenes
      1. Crafting a Basic Menu with UIKit’s Interface Builder
      2. Showing the Star Field Underneath UIKit
      3. Custom Scenes and Gesture Recognizers
      4. Building a Game-Ending Sequence
    10. Chapter 5: Keeping Score with a Heads-Up Display
      1. Planning the Node Layout
      2. Aligning Label Nodes Within Groups
      3. Updating the Display
      4. Pulsing Power-Up Countdowns for the Win
      5. Showing the High Score
    11. Chapter 6: Pinball Physics 101
      1. Follow the Bouncing Ball
      2. Moving the Plunger with a Touch
      3. Using a Fixed Joint to Stick the Ball to the Plunger
      4. Building a Scrolling Table with an Edge Body
    12. Chapter 7: More Physics: Paddles and Collisions
      1. Building Paddles with Bodies, Pins, and Torque
      2. Loading Targets and Bumpers from a Layout File
      3. Detecting Collisions Between Bodies
      4. Responding to Collisions
      5. Slowing Down the Ball on Rebound
    13. Chapter 8: Polishing the Pinball Game
      1. Cueing the Player to Pull the Plunger with Sprite Animations
      2. Adding Bonus Points with a Spinner
      3. Showing Puffs of Smoke When Hitting Targets and Bumpers
      4. Covering the Table with a Textured Overlay
      5. Locking the Game to Portrait and Removing the Status Bar
    14. Chapter 9: Where to Go Next
      1. Reviewing the Game-Development Process
      2. Other Resources
      3. Will I Hit It Big?
      4. Don’t Forget to Play!
    15. Bibliography
      1. You May Be Interested In…

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  • Title: Build iOS Games with Sprite Kit
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2014
  • Publisher(s): Pragmatic Bookshelf
  • ISBN: 9781941222102