Build the Best Data Center Facility for Your Business

Book Description

A comprehensive guide to designing and operating reliable server environments

  • Keep your data center cool, clean, scalable, and secure

  • Learn the five principles of effective data center design

  • Avoid the natural and man-made hazards that can jeopardize a data center site

  • Learn how to lay out key infrastructure objects within the data center for greatest efficiency, from buffer zones to server rows

  • Apply proven installation methods by studying sample illustrations of both overhead and under-floor systems

  • Extract the best practices and design strategies for both in-room and standby electrical infrastructure

  • Avoid accidental downtime, improve productivity, and ensure user safety

  • Safeguard and streamline your network infrastructure with a well-organized physical hierarchy

  • Understand the special challenges of retrofitting overburdened server environments

  • Implement solutions from a wide array of sample illustrations and examples of essential data center signage

  • Safeguard servers with operations standards for people working in or visiting the data center

  • Download templates used by Cisco to design its data centers, customizable to square footage and geography

  • Avoid excess construction costs by designing a data center that meets your needs today and for many years to come 

  • All data centers are unique, but they all share the same mission: to protect your company’s valuable information. Build the Best Data Center Facility for Your Business answers your individual questions in one flexible step-by-step reference guide.

    Benefit from the author’s concise and practical approach to data center design and management. The author distills this complex topic by sharing his first-hand and worldwide experience and expertise. Regardless of your experience level, you can fill your knowledge gaps on how to safeguard your company’s valuable equipment and intellectual property.

    This easy-to-navigate book is divided into two parts: Part I covers data center design and physical infrastructure details, and Part II covers data center management and operations. You can also access supplementary online materials for installation instructions, which include customizable data center design templates, written cabling specifications, and sample drawings.

    If you need a starting point for designing your first data center, regardless of size; if you need to prepare yourself with comprehensive strategies to retrofit or improve an existing one; or if you need proven methods to manage a data center for maximum productivity—this book is your readily accessible, comprehensive resource for answers and insights. 

    Invest in the best future for your business by learning how to build and manage robust and productive data centers now.

    This book is part of the Networking Technology Series from Cisco Press‚ which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers.

    Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. About the Author
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. Command Syntax Conventions
    5. Foreword
    6. Introduction
    7. Designing the Data Center Infrastructure
      1. Approaching the Data Center Project
        1. Understanding the Value of Your Data Center
        2. Deciding Whether to Outsource
        3. Defining Requirements and Roles
        4. Architecting a Productive Data Center
        5. Previewing Data Center Components
        6. Establishing Data Center Design Criteria
        7. Managing a Data Center Project
        8. Summary
      2. Choosing an Optimal Site
        1. Assessing Viable Locations for Your Data Center
        2. Evaluating Physical Attributes of the Data Center Site
        3. Confirming Service Availability to the Data Center Site
        4. Prioritizing Needs for the Data Center Site
        5. Summary
      3. Quantifying Data Center Space
        1. Sizing the Data Center
        2. Determining Shape and Placement of Your Data Center
        3. Structure and Finishes of the Data Center
        4. Associated Data Center Support Rooms
        5. Summary
      4. Laying Out the Data Center
        1. Drawing Tools Available to Create Your Data Center Layout
        2. The Floor Grid
        3. Defining Spaces for Physical Elements of Your Data Center
        4. Weight Issues
        5. Seismic Mitigation
        6. Dealing with Obstacles
        7. System Controls
        8. Telephones
        9. Common Problems
        10. Summary
      5. Overhead or Under-Floor Installation?
        1. Overhead Installation
        2. Under-Floor Installation
        3. Separation of Power and Data
        4. Plenum and Non-Plenum Spaces
        5. Ceiling Components
        6. Raised Floor Components
        7. Common Problems
        8. Summary
      6. Creating a Robust Electrical System
        1. Recommended Electrical System Features
        2. In-Room Power
        3. Standby Power
        4. Labeling and Documenting
        5. Installation and Grounding
        6. Signal Reference Grid
        7. Testing and Verification
        8. Common Problems
        9. Summary
      7. Designing a Scalable Network Infrastructure
        1. Importance of the Physical Network
        2. Cabling Hierarchy
        3. Cable Characteristics
        4. Cabling Costs
        5. Storage Area Networks (SANs)
        6. Determining Connectivity Requirements
        7. Network Redundancy
        8. Networking Room
        9. Common Termination Options
        10. Building-to-Building Connectivity
        11. Recommended Installation Practices
        12. Testing and Verifying Structured Cabling
        13. Wire Management
        14. Common Problems
        15. Summary
      8. Keeping It Cool
        1. Cooling Requirements
        2. Layout, Cabinets, and Cooling
        3. Fire Suppression
        4. Common Problems
        5. Summary
      9. Removing Skeletons from Your Server Closet
        1. Lack of Space
        2. Chaos
        3. Infrastructure Shortcomings
        4. Paradigm Shifts
        5. Acquisitions
        6. Large-Scale Server Moves
        7. Summary
    8. Managing the Data Center
      1. Organizing Your Way to an Easier Job
        1. The Need For Organization
        2. Organizing Equipment: Form vs Function
        3. Planning for Growth
        4. Controlling Incoming Equipment
        5. Summary
      2. Labeling and Signage
        1. Choosing a Numbering Scheme
        2. Recommended Labeling Practices
        3. Essential Signage
        4. Final Note
        5. Summary
      3. Stocking and Standardizing
        1. Equipping a Data Center
        2. Patch Cords and Adapters
        3. Server Cabinets
        4. Tools
        5. Accessories
        6. Equipment Spares
        7. Summary
      4. Safeguarding the Servers
        1. Physical Access Restrictions
        2. “Do's”
        3. “Don'ts”
        4. Good Installation Practices
        5. Data Center Tours
        6. Summary
      5. Mapping, Monitoring, and Metrics
        1. Documenting the Data Center
        2. Monitoring from Afar
        3. Gathering Metrics
        4. Summary
      6. Maintaining a World-Class Environment
        1. The Importance of Data Center Maintenance
        2. Regular Upkeep
        3. Professional Cleaning
        4. Common Problems
        5. Summary
      7. Glossary
        1. A
        2. B
        3. C
        4. D - E - F - G
        5. H
        6. I - J
        7. L - M
        8. N
        9. O - P
        10. R
        11. S
        12. T
        13. U
        14. W - Z
    9. Index

    Product Information

    • Title: Build the Best Data Center Facility for Your Business
    • Author(s): Douglas Alger
    • Release date: June 2005
    • Publisher(s): Cisco Press
    • ISBN: 1587051826