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Building a Multiplayer 3D Platformer

Video Description

Build a multiplayer 3D Platformer in Simple and Easy steps

About This Video

  • Unreal Engine C++ projects and connecting them to source control

  • Unreal Engine C++ API

  • Unreal Engine blueprint system and the C++ API

  • Navigate the API documentation

  • In Detail

    This course is designed to take the student from a basic level of Unreal Engine 4 knowledge to being fluent and capable of navigating the Engine to build quality games using the C++ API. It is designed to be an in-depth, easy to understand guide to programming Unreal Engine 4 games using C++. Designed as a tool for learning the C++ API from the perspective of an Unreal Engine 4 developer using blueprints, we will delve inThis course is aimed at developers who have a basic understanding of Unreal Engine 4 using blueprints, C++, and basic Computer Science concepts such as: Control Structures (if, while, for, switch, and more), Object Oriented Programming, and data structures (Arrays, Queues, Maps, and sto both engine specifics (UE4 Marketplace, source control, application lifecycle and data types) and game specifics (player control, enemy creation, physics, data manipulation and networking). The course will begin with the goal of familiarizing you with the UE4 C++ API and then move on to practical applications designed to take you from an empty project to a fully networked game demo. Finally, we'll delve into the UE4 graphics pipeline to utilize the powerful tools at the developer's disposal for creating visually stunning games.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Creating the Characters – Introduction to Property Replication
      1. The Course Overview 00:04:36
      2. Importing Project Assets 00:02:43
      3. Creating the Base Character Class 00:09:34
      4. Creating the Character Animations 00:07:49
      5. Introduction to Property Replication in C++ 00:06:26
      6. Pickups – Health and Coins 00:12:43
      7. Powerups 00:22:59
    2. Chapter 2 : Building Out the Main Menu
      1. Single Player State Manager 00:10:25
      2. Building the Main Menu, Multiplayer Menu, and Loading Screens 00:06:04
      3. Building the Host Network Game Screen 00:06:49
      4. Join Network Game Screen 00:07:53
      5. Connecting It All Together 00:06:24
    3. Chapter 3 : Online Subsystems and Network Sessions
      1. Introduction to the Online Subsystem and the Session Interface 00:05:49
      2. Creating and Starting a Network Session 00:14:28
      3. Searching for Hosted Network Game Sessions 00:10:27
      4. Joining Existing Network Game Sessions 00:05:17
      5. Updating and Destroying a Network Game Session 00:09:58
      6. Connecting Our Network Functions to the Menu 00:13:34
    4. Chapter 4 : Networked Game States
      1. Building a Player UI 00:16:00
      2. Keeping Track of Connected Players 00:12:18
      3. Creating Match State 00:14:25
      4. Building “Waiting For Players” Menu 00:17:04
      5. Starting Game 00:10:28
      6. Restarting Game 00:05:40
    5. Chapter 5 : Core Game Loop
      1. Respawning the Player When Killed 00:05:21
      2. Moving Platforms 00:06:56
      3. Instant Kill Boxes 00:04:57
      4. Basic Enemy 00:13:38
      5. Ending the Level 00:06:13
      6. Completion Screen 00:09:26
    6. Chapter 6 : ChapterName
      1. Integrating Steam 00:06:59
      2. Online Game Platform Services 00:06:54
      3. Challenges 00:04:46
      4. Course Recap 00:04:28