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Building a Reddit Clone with Twitter Bootstrap

Video Description

Design the look and feel of an Application

About This Video

  • Learn to render a list of Reddits in the home page
  • Dive into abstracting out the scrolling logic
  • Get to know the essentials of building up a Reddit home page

In Detail

In this video course, you’ll be introduced to the language itself by building a simple Reddit clone. You’ll learn to use Bootstrap to design your application’s layout, but focus more on JavaScript. At the start, you’ll build up Reddit JavaScript based on an example.

Moving on, we show you how to use JavaScript by building a simple Reddit clone. Throughout the course, you’ll fetch the Reddit APIs via AJAX calls and show them in the UI using Twitter projects. This video course uses plain JavaScript without using any framework or library.

Toward the end of the video course, you’ll be introduced to Twitter Bootstrap, AJAX calls, MVC Architecture, and the Grid system. You’ll find out how to design the look and feel of the application. Finally, we’ll dive into building a Reddit home page.

The code bundle for this video course is available at - https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Building-a-Reddit-Clone-with-Twitter-Bootstrap