Building a RepRap 3D Printer

Video Description

Build your own open source 3D printer over the weekend

About This Video

  • Screw it together, wire it up, calibrate it, and print the world in 3D

  • Understand your 3D printer from inside out; tinker, play, modify, and experiment with it

  • Clear and professionally recorded videos that lead you directly to your goal and assist you in case things get difficult

  • In Detail

    3D printers are designed to build solid three-dimensional objects of any shape using a digital model. This amazing technology will shape the future and as one of the first low-cost 3D Printers, RepRap have made this a democratic technology. RepRap stands for Replicating Rapid Prototyper, and the technology is capable of self-replicating most of its parts, which can then be used to build another RepRap printer. The open source movement made this revolution possible and you can be a part of it.

    This video course teaches you how to make a 3D printer for yourself and calibrate and adjust it perfectly. You will get to know how to solve and prevent common problems and discover alternative solutions to tailor your 3D printer to your liking and needs. You will learn how to assemble parts for your 3D printer and build it with ordinary tools and skills. The course starts off with assembling of the Y-Unit and the XZ-Unit before moving on to the extruder and wiring. Next, you will be shown how to execute some simple calibrations and suddenly you're printing in 3D with your very own 3D printer. By the end of the video, you will be a junior 3D printing expert. This 3D printer used for demonstration in this course is especially designed for easy assembly and use, and gives you a head start in building your own 3D-printers for now and for the future.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1: Introduction
      1. Introduction to RepRap 00:04:21
      2. How a 3D Printer Works 00:03:25
      3. 3D Printing Workflow 00:03:18
      4. Overview of the i3 Berlin 3D Printer Design 00:02:45
      5. Tools and Parts 00:03:47
    2. Chapter 2: Building the Y-unit
      1. Mounting the Threaded Rods and Power Supply 00:03:10
      2. Mounting the Aluminium Plates and the Y-motor 00:03:04
      3. Mounting the Y-carriage and the Timing Belt 00:03:02
      4. Adjusting the Parallels 00:02:26
    3. Chapter 3: Building the XZ-unit
      1. Mounting the X Axis 00:03:01
      2. Mounting the Z Axis 00:03:03
      3. Mounting the Timing Belt 00:03:07
    4. Chapter 4: Wiring Up the 3D printer
      1. Wiring the Power Supply 00:04:11
      2. Assembly of the Main Units 00:03:07
      3. Wiring the Y-unit 00:03:32
      4. Wiring the Z-unit 00:03:14
      5. Wiring the X-unit and the Extruder 00:03:12
      6. Wiring the HeatBed 00:03:10
    5. Chapter 5: Calibrating the Printer
      1. Mount the End Stop Magnets and M5 Rods 00:03:16
      2. Software and Communication 00:03:20
      3. Assemble the Extruder 00:03:41
      4. Test and Mount the Extruder 00:03:44
      5. Calibrating the Movements of the Printer 00:04:30
      6. Mount and Calibrate the Print Platform 00:04:03
    6. Chapter 6: Print in 3D
      1. Filament and Printer Settings 00:03:08
      2. Print Settings 00:03:07
      3. First Layer 00:03:08
      4. Dual Extrusion 00:03:13
      5. Operate the 3D Printer 00:03:03
    7. Chapter 7: Experiments and Alternatives
      1. Cura 00:03:37
      2. Kisslicer 00:03:17
      3. Filaments 00:03:13
      4. Print Platform Surface 00:02:48
      5. Extruders 00:03:06
      6. The Future of Open Source 3D Printing 00:03:06
    8. Chapter 8: Troubleshooting
      1. Software Issues in Windows, Mac, and Linux 00:03:06
      2. Layer Shift 00:03:09
      3. Oozing 00:03:06
      4. Extruder Is Not Working 00:03:32

    Product Information

    • Title: Building a RepRap 3D Printer
    • Author(s): Sam Muirhead, Morris Winkler, Bram de Vries
    • Release date: June 2014
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781783286393