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Building a Road using Civil 3D

Video Description

Learn Civil 3D in a practical way, by designing realistic road networks

About This Video

  • Design a road in Civil 3D using alignments, profiles, and corridors

  • Explore how you can automate tasks using Civil 3D's dynamic modeling system

  • Based on a real-world project on building roads so that you get a complete understanding of using Civil 3D objects in your own projects

  • In Detail

    Designing roads is a complex engineering process, and Civil 3D is a powerful tool that aids you in this process. Civil 3D comes with a dynamic modelling system that combines a variety of its easy-to-use tools to automate tasks and generate all the necessary components needed to design and build a road.

    This course starts off with an overview of the interface of Civil 3D, showing you how Civil 3D applies settings and styles to automate object placement. Building on this knowledge, you will learn to create and edit surfaces, alignments, and profiles. Once you have the core components to roadway modeling ready, you will discover how to create assemblies and subassemblies which are the building blocks of your corridor. You will then build your corridor model, and learn how to use the intersection design wizard to create a complete road.

    Finally, you will learn how to lay out and edit a pipe network. By the end of this course, you will be able to apply what you've learnt to create all Civil 3D objects necessary to build a road.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1: An Introduction to Civil 3D and Its Interface
      1. What Is Civil 3D? 00:02:22
      2. What You Should Expect from This Course 00:01:01
      3. Working with the Dataset for This Course 00:01:51
      4. The Civil 3D Workspace 00:02:38
      5. Civil 3D Settings and Styles 00:04:14
    2. Chapter 2: Working with Surfaces
      1. Surfaces Overview 00:02:53
      2. Adding Data to a Surface 00:07:22
      3. Surface Properties 00:03:23
      4. Editing Surfaces 00:04:56
      5. Surface Labels 00:04:38
    3. Chapter 3: Creating Alignments
      1. Alignment Overview 00:02:31
      2. Alignment - Element Constraints 00:01:49
      3. Creating Alignments - The PI Method 00:03:51
      4. Creating Alignments - The Fixed, Floating, and Free Methods 00:04:41
      5. Alignment Properties 00:02:41
      6. Alignment Reporting 00:02:46
      7. Alignment Labels and Tables 00:04:32
    4. Chapter 4: Creating Profiles
      1. Profile Overview 00:02:44
      2. Surface Profiles and Profile Views 00:03:34
      3. Design Profiles 00:06:11
      4. Editing Profiles 00:02:02
      5. Profile and Profile View Labeling 00:03:37
      6. Profile Reporting 00:02:48
    5. Chapter 5: Assemblies and Subassemblies
      1. Assembly and Subassembly Overview 00:04:36
      2. Creating Assemblies for Corridor Modeling 00:04:55
      3. Modifying Assemblies 00:02:33
      4. Copying Assemblies to a Tool Palette 00:02:36
    6. Chapter 6: Corridors
      1. Corridor Overview 00:03:36
      2. Creating a Corridor 00:04:20
      3. Target Mapping 00:03:58
      4. Corridor Properties 00:04:13
      5. Corridor Surfaces 00:03:29
      6. Reviewing and Editing Corridor Sections 00:05:37
      7. An Overview of Intersections 00:02:31
      8. Creating Intersections 00:04:28
      9. Reviewing and Editing Intersections 00:04:41
    7. Chapter 7: Pipe Networks
      1. Pipe Networks Overview 00:04:20
      2. Configuring Pipe Networks 00:05:18
      3. Laying Out a Pipe Network 00:06:17
      4. Editing Pipe Networks 00:03:55
      5. Interference Checking with Pipe Networks 00:03:38
      6. Finale 00:02:07