Building a Solid Web App Foundation with Vaadin 8

Video description

Kick-start your Web Application Project and learn to build UI’s which promise a great experience, while discovering tools to increase productivity!

About This Video

  • Learn how to efficiently build business applications from reusable components
  • Find out how multi-view web applications are built in a single-page environment
  • Discover ways to build beautiful business web apps for all end user devices

In Detail

The Vaadin Framework is a Java web application development framework that is designed to make creation and maintenance of high quality web-based user interfaces easy. Vaadin supports server-side and client-side programming models, which let’s you forget the web and program user interfaces while managing the user interface in the browser and the AJAX communications between the browser and the server.

The course starts of by defining the UI in Java. Here you will learn to write the initial user interface on top of which everything else will be built. Moving along we will cover best practices for structuring a User Interface project with Maven in a way that it best supports developer efficiency and deployment time requirements. Now that we have a strong foundation, we will start working with Layouts which are a fundamental part of the Vaadin framework. With practical examples, you will gain an understanding of how layout components function as a basic requirement when it comes to becoming an efficient developer. We will then move on the explore the Vaadin Navigator which enables your applications to support views and to use the browser's back and forward buttons in a controlled way. Now that you have

By taking this course you will be able to kick-start your web application development project with hands-on exposure on how to build a scalable and robust Vaadin User Interface that works on desktop and mobile devices in the right way, the first time. Throughout the video, we will build and develop an application with best practices to help you apply in any future requirements with minimal refactoring.

Product information

  • Title: Building a Solid Web App Foundation with Vaadin 8
  • Author(s): Peter Lehto
  • Release date: September 2017
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788294492