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Building a Web Application with Spring and Angular

Video Description

Create impressive applications using Angular and Spring

About This Video

  • A friendly guide to creating your own Data Form.
  • Covers the latest version of Web Application with fully up-to-date techniques and code examples.
  • Shows how to create a data form storage with the integration of Spring and Angular

In Detail

Time in software development is a key factor, this is the reason why you should be using standards frameworks like Angular and Spring that reduce the use of boilerplate code and offer most of the functionality that you need out of the box. We will build a sign-up form, to do so we will use Angular for the front end layer and Spring 5 to build the backend layer, the two layers will be communicating over REST APIs and the information will be persisted in a database using really little code.

The course will teach you how to use Angular and Spring to create a fully working data form storage web application. The first of the three sections of this course is about front-end technologies. In this part, you will learn the basic concept of Angular such as templating and directives and how to use them to create a form component.

By the end of the course, you will understand the different components and Storage services and how to integrate them into your application.