Building an Application with AngularJS

Video Description

Get creative with AngularJS to develop exciting applications

About This Video

  • Use views and controllers to build an application from the ground up quickly

  • Construct Angular Services and implement Dependency Injection with the help of illustrative examples

  • Master asynchronous programming through the effective use of JavaScript coupled with Angular

  • In Detail

    AngularJS helps you build dynamic web apps quickly and easily. If you are looking for scalability and modularity in your apps, then AngularJS is the technology for you. It provides you with all the tools necessary to develop apps that are both attractive and functional.

    This video course will show you how to write a complex application using AngularJS, one step at a time. You will begin with preparing the system by setting up the necessary prerequisites. Then you will scaffold your application and write your first controllers and views using data binding to stitch them together. You will then move on to implementing your own custom services as well as directives to make your app flexible and extensible. Finally, you will turn your attention to testing the code before the course ends and you are ready to write your own Angular application. You will start with an empty slate but by the end of the course, creating and implementing complex AngularJS applications will be easier than ever.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1: Getting Started
      1. Introducing a Minimal Angular Application 00:03:42
      2. Showcasing the Application 00:02:56
      3. Installing the Prerequisites 00:03:11
      4. Scaffolding an Angular Application 00:03:57
      5. Selecting an Editor or IDE 00:03:08
    2. Chapter 2: Introducing the View and the Controller
      1. Introducing Angular Directives 00:03:16
      2. Introducing a Controller 00:03:39
      3. Explaining the Scope and the Model 00:03:32
      4. Using Two-way Data Binding 00:03:03
      5. Implementing Behaviors in the Controller 00:03:22
      6. Showing and Hiding Elements 00:03:43
    3. Chapter 3: Advanced Views and Controllers
      1. Introducing the Angular Form 00:03:26
      2. Using Static Templates 00:03:54
      3. Working with Dynamic Templates 00:03:37
      4. Using Filters to Message Data 00:02:10
      5. Introducing Client-side Routing in Our Application 00:03:23
    4. Chapter 4: Dependency Injection (DI)
      1. Using DI in a Controller 00:02:59
      2. DI and Minifying JavaScript Files 00:02:45
      3. Introducing the Angular $injector Service 00:03:10
    5. Chapter 5: Services
      1. Understanding Services 00:03:22
      2. Understanding the Life Cycle of a Service 00:02:49
      3. Using the $http Service to Access Server Resources 00:04:25
      4. Defining a Simple Custom Service 00:03:54
      5. Introducing Five Recipes to Create a Service 00:04:35
    6. Chapter 6: Mastering Asynchronous Programming
      1. Explaining the JavaScript Promise 00:04:10
      2. Using the Angular $q Library 00:03:53
      3. Chaining Multiple Asynchronous Requests 00:03:40
      4. Canceling a $http Request 00:03:26
    7. Chapter 7: Covering Code with Unit Tests
      1. Installing Karma and Defining Config File 00:04:41
      2. Explaining the Anatomy of a Unit Test 00:03:44
      3. Writing a Simple Unit Test 00:02:43
      4. Discussing the Module and the Inject Functions 00:02:39
      5. Using the $httpBackend Mock 00:03:24
    8. Chapter 8: Exploring Directives
      1. Creating a Simple Directive 00:03:18
      2. Understanding the Scope of a Directive 00:03:17
      3. Interacting with the Parent Scope 00:03:42
      4. Demystifying Transclusion 00:03:47
      5. Testing a Directive 00:04:25
    9. Chapter 9: Writing End-to-End Tests
      1. Installing Protractor and Writing a Config File 00:03:27
      2. Writing a Simple End-to-End test 00:03:03
      3. Analyzing Strategies to Access Elements in a View 00:03:09

    Product Information

    • Title: Building an Application with AngularJS
    • Author(s): Gabriel Schenker
    • Release date: December 2014
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781783283699