Chapter 4. Pause Menu Framework

At this point, we have created a basic combat engine for our game. We can now dive into out-of-combat operations such as the creation of a pause menu screen, where we will be able to view player stats and edit inventory.

In this chapter, we will create the first part of our menu system, which is to design and create a framework for a pause menu. We will cover the following topics in this chapter:

  • UMG pause screen initial setup
  • UMG background color
  • UMG text
  • UMG buttons
  • UMG inventory submenu
  • UMG equipment submenu
  • Key binding
  • Button programming

UMG pause screen initial setup

For our pause screen, we will need to think about quite a few things regarding the design. As listed in the earlier chapter, the pause screen will give the ...

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