Building and Deploying Java EE Microservices on the Cloud

Video Description

Use Payara Micro and Microprofile to build your application, AWS and Azure to deploy it

About This Video

  • This guide showcases the tools and techniques that help you build robust and resilient cloud native applications in Java EE
  • Configure both AWS and Azure clouds for high availability
  • Assess, monitor, and troubleshoot your applications in the cloud

In Detail

Many organizations have waded into cloud computing, test-driven development, microservices, and continuous integration and delivery. Author Vasilis Souvatzis fully immerses you in the methodologies that will help you transform your legacy application into one that is genuinely cloud native.This course will be a basic guide for you to learn about building cloud-native architectures in JavaEE. It will begin by introducing you to the cloud-native architecture and will help break it down for you.

Then you’ll learn how you can build microservices in Java EE using REST APIs in an event driven approach and you will build the web layer. You’ll learn to build microservices in Java EE using microprofile and the Payara Micro server. Next, you’ll learn about Interacting data services and building web views with JSF, after which we will take a look at application security and performance. From there, we’ll move on to focusing on continuous integration and continuous delivery, and you’ll also learn how to Dockerize your services.

Finally, you’ll learn how to deploy the application on the AWS and Azure platforms, and we will end the course by discussing some concepts and techniques around troubleshooting problems that might occur with applications after you’ve written them.

The code bundle for this video course is available in this link :

Product Information

  • Title: Building and Deploying Java EE Microservices on the Cloud
  • Author(s): Vasilis Souvatzis
  • Release date: March 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788833943