Books to Read

There are a lot of really good books on game development, so I thought I would highlight the three most important ones I feel are must-reads for any aspiring game developer:

“A Theory of Fun for Game Design” by Raph Koster

This is a great book that attempts to answer the question “What is fun?” and more importantly “What is a game?” It’s an easy read with absolutely no code and all theory.

"Level Up!: The Guide to Great Video Game Design” by Scott Rogers

If you are interested in understanding the technical side of game design as in how to build a game design document, pitching games, and more practice than theory then this is the book to read. Again, this book doesn’t have any code in it, but the lessons you will learn will help make you a much better game designer.

"Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals” by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman

If you ever took a course on game design, then this would be your required reading. The book approaches the question of game design from a very academic point of view. The book is long, detailed, and full of homework-type examples to practice your skills. This book is for the serious game designer looking to not only master the art of game design but to be able to speak about it on a higher level.

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